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can i add pictures to my fluther questions and answers?

Asked by wildog426 (37points) July 16th, 2007
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No you cannot add pictures but you can add links to pictures like this

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^ Nope. lol

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I really want to be able to! (pst! Ben! Andrew!)

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It might be a cool feature because sometimes it's just easier to show an image than to explain things in words. Maybe how it would work is, you upload the photo then have to resize it and crop it down to within a certain limit, like 320x240 pixels. Or, maybe you could do some integration with Flickr or Zooomr to save yourselves the storage and bandwidth costs. Whaddya think?

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My opinion, I'd prefer to link to offsite photos. What you're saying is very true seqdeha, but I'd hate it if people started using images for other things. Like a signature image or something. Or a rogue user posts porn everywhere before getting banned. I'm sure there would be some kind of moderation if ben and andrew implemented something with images, but until them, I'm fine linking to images.

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nope. Linking to another site is the way to go

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