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Hypothetical question: If you witnessed a horrible accident...(rest in details)

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (20194points) June 9th, 2015

And were some how over looked by the authorities, would you remain silent thinking let them sort it out I don’t want to get involved, or would you feel it was your duty to come forward and give your story?

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Come forward, of course. It’s just a phone call.

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I did not see anything.
Unless they offer money.

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Duty? Fuck that shit, I do whatever I feel is right in that particular moment, bugger all to do with a sense of duty, what the fuck is that anyway?

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Response moderated (Personal Attack)
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I can visualize circumstances where silence might be prudent or my testimony superfluous. For example, there would be little need for my input had I been one among the thousands who witnessed incidents on 9/11.

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What would keep you from helping? Being a total wanker?

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I’ll tell them. After all what do I have to lose? It’s not like I know a Mafioso and has to remain silent in case he will whach me.

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My first instinct is to tell them. I can’t imagine why anyone would not tell. It’s not out of a sense of duty, just common decency. I would hope that other people would tell if they were witnesses to something horrific that happened to me.

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I’d contact them to ask if they needed my input. They might have sufficient witnesses or they might be looking for a witness and not know I was there.

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I witnessed a pretty bad bike accident once, between two bikes. I called the authorities, who wrote down everything I said and passed it along to the injured person. They contacted me later to let me know that she appreciated the info because she’d been having trouble remembering exactly what happened and my account helped her piece things together. I probably wouldn’t have called if there had been a crowd of people standing around who I then saw being interviewed by or calling the cops or something, but in this situation it was obvious I was the only person with a decent view of the accident.

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Come forward. I have had several experiences like this over the years, once witnessing a motorcycle accident and another time an intoxicated women driving with her child in the car.
Infact, to toot my own horn, I was awarded a citizens commendation award by my local PD.

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All in all squeak, I can see myself coming forward were the wrong person charged with responsibility for the accident, but otherwise, I’d most likely pass. It has been my experience that one way or another you will be punished for ANY involvement with the police, the legal system or politicians.

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@stanleybmanly I totally 1000% agree ,thanks.

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