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Suppose you could go back to the age of 17-18, what job/career path/studies would you choose?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21494points) June 10th, 2015

With today’s maturity, experience and logic and yesterday’s age, would you go the same way or carve a totally different path?

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I wouldnt resign myself to any one path. Id do something that would let me travel though.

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Culinary arts and writing. I would also spend more time on my art and photography.

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Chemistry and drama .

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Pro footballer moonlighting as a movie stuntman.

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I would graduate from college.

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I’m only 24, but if I was 17 again, I would throw out my TV and cellphone and focus on studying

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I’m happy with what I have chosen: being a teacher and a freelance writer.

But I haven’t graduated yet. Let’s see if I can still keep up with my goal.

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Something in medicine and science. I think I would do research or end up teaching, like a cousin of mine did.

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Criminal lawyer. Or machinist.

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As career path wouldn’t change a damn thing I wanted to be a trucker since about the age of six.
I would pay more attention to keeping my weight down and under control, but that is all.

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I’d have followed the path I’m on now but much earlier.

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Engineering or nursing

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I would totally ignore my family’s demands and finish up the degree in chemistry that I started college with, then seek out a career either in the paints & coatings or the petroleum industries.

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Computer technology or something weird like hypnotist or fortune teller. lol

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Business Law, I could be a sports agent making money off those hot shot jocks, or slaying them in the business realm.

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