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Extremely random question, but how do you think the Christian community would react if a Hollywood movie about Genesis featured full frontal nudity of Adam and Eve?

Asked by rockfan (11975points) June 10th, 2015

Do you think the movie would get major backlash, even if the movie was biblically accurate?

I was thinking about the controversy of male nudity in mainstream films, so this question popped into my mind. What are your thoughts?

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Well, it would finally answer the question: “Did Adam and Eve have navels?”

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Who knows what else a movie like that could feature which would set them off!

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I think so. They don’t give Jesus a cloth around his waist for nothing.

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Given how easily it is to ignite the moral outrage of Bible literalists, it’s sight Hollywood should probably leaf alone.

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They would protest it vehemently. Naked human bodies scare them because they can’t separate nudity (which is innocent skin) from lust.

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As I recall, a film came out in 1966, which was a much more accurate retelling than recent Biblical films, called “The Bible: In The Beginning”, which had Adam and Eve nude, from a distance. There was a bit of controversy at the time, but that was mid-60’s. It would seem tame now.

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It probably wouldn’t go over very well if made true-to-life. How interesting would/could it be with Adam always chasing after Eve with a perpetual boner?

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Hm. Would it show the incest parts too?

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I totally agree with @elbanditoroso.

Of course, if the full frontal exposure lasted even a few seconds, the MPAA would probably slap it with an NC-17 rating (which would be ridiculous.)

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This one instance where I am onboard and agree with @elbanditoroso (yeah, mark it on your calendar, it has happened). I think the reaction would be about equal in the faith and secular communities, although for different reasons. I find it curious that a society that craves sex and want it uninhibitedly gets all soft if they have to see it in the open in any way. Myself, I would not have a problem with it, I can always ignore him.

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Any religiously themed movie is going to get backlash. Shirts or no.

That said, I think it could be done tastefully.

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