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Can you show me some examples of a girl with faraway eyes?

Asked by rojo (24159points) June 11th, 2015

In the song of the same title Mick says: ”.... you know what kinda eyes she got” but I don’t. Can you show me what those kind of eyes look like on a woman, at least in your opinion?

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The Afghan girl that was on the cover National Geographic

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Does this or this work?

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“A little bleary.
The worse for wear and tear.”

Probably contextually accurate pic.

(As far as the video, he means for you to insert the words “faraway eyes” when he says, “you know what kind of eyes she got”.

Thanks for the mention of the song and the link. I’ve never heard of it! What a hoot. Raised the Rolling Stones a notch in my opinion. I like them, but that was awesome.

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Howz about these? stoned looking eyes

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Sorry there was supposed to be a link to a pic but it somehow did not work out!

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Wouldn’t the Mona Lisa be the classic example ?

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I think that @josie has the best example thus far. The others are more girls with far out eyes.

@Buttonstc to me, while her smile is very enigmatic, Mona Lisa has eyes that are grounded in the present (except this version) they don’t give me haunting expression that I imagine faraway eyes to have.

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I love that song. While the eyes may not always be as sad as this picture I think of it as being deep in thought as this woman clearly is.

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