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Did anyone here frequent Sodahead?

Asked by flip86 (6208points) June 12th, 2015

They recently shut down the site to users. Sodahead is the 3rd site I’ve frequented that has kicked it’s users or gone completely offline. I’m surprised Fluther is still around.

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A long time ago. It was a far-right-wing cesspool.

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I was on Sodahead briefly, before coming here. Wasn’t impressed with the ultra-right-wing brigade over there. Or the masses of Bieber fans.

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^There are really Bieber fans? It’s not just a joke?

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I used to go to Does that count?

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When I read the question I thought it said Scotland. I was there in April! lol.

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I’ve never been on Sodahead because all of my Fluther peeps have said that it’s an anger fest with lots of un-modded flaming and insults. Doesn’t sound very civilized to me.

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It was not that it was “unmodded”, it was that the mods were right wing fanatics, as well, and actively went after liberals and moderates.

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Yes I was on Sodahead a few years ago, couldn’t stand it. Sodahead posts their own questions, so that means the user questions get less answers. Plus, it took about 15 minutes to create the damn question.

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Looked about as interesting as a hobo’s socks.

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Oh, and our resident cons would have loved it there.

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Only right-wing people were un-modded. Liberals were modded vigorously.

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Sodahead, a reverse Fluther…...kind of a “Bizarro” cyber world. wow

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i used sodahead for 2 years before they closed last June, im still searching for other sites like these to use but so far i found a couple of good ones.

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So, what good ones have you found?

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@Here2_4 so far, i’ve only found a site called blurtit that i like (i’ve also tried dozens of other sites that former sodaheaders recommended but i didn’t like them).. its still too early to judge this site because this is my first day using it. i did pin Fluther to my apps bar because i feel that it has great potential.

a couple other sites that i’ve tried are and

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Thanks. I will check them out.
I hope you decide to hang around here too. It has its slow times, but it it really neat sometimes too.

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