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Why do groups of women that are friends seem to get pregnant all at once without planning together?

Asked by chelle21689 (7769points) June 13th, 2015

I’m really curious as to why 7 of my friends are pregnant. These girls I met through my boyfriend (his group of friends). They are pregnant on their first or second kid…seriously! SEVEN! One is 8 months, the other 6 months, the other 3 months, one just found out she is pregnant at 2 months, the other is close to popping her baby out, the other is 4 months. One is trying to have a baby and “trap” her man which I think is really stupid, she wants to get married and is tired of waiting for 4 years although they seem happy. The other couple is trying to get pregnant but she can’t and it sucks because she’s been told she has a high chance it is unlikely so she’s watching everyone else get pregnant except her.

We’re all around the same age 24–29. I am the ONLY one that isn’t pregnant or doesn’t have a kid and I honestly feel a bit left out. I do NOT want a child right now but all they talk about is their bellies and babies and I can’t relate. I feel “behind”. Do you think they all subconsciously planned this some how? How is it that all girls are pregnant the same time?

We did have a long winter, do you think it had anything to do with that?

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Probably the same way women who spend a lot of time together tend to have their menstrual cycles synchronized. Pheromones trigger subtle hormonal changes that increase fertilization.

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Being a guy I have no real idea why women do anything, but for Gods sake don’t feel pressured to join them, and feeling left out just say your time will come one day and then you will be able to relate as to what they are experiencing .

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I said I do NOT want one lol

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I know ,I did read that, but you also stated you were feeling left out, and people do strange things trying not to be left out.

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At 24–29, it can be pretty easy to get pregnant by not using birth control, even a little bit, so sure semi-conscious, conscious but not spoken about, or subconscious influence can be plenty.

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If they are all 3–4 months into the pregnancy, then there is no doubt what they were doing on the snowy wintry, cold days in February and March.

There is no magic here. Look at the calendar and the weather report.

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They are all in their twenties and married?

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We’re all around the same age 24–29

That’s why

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@zenvelo The menstrual cycle synching thing is a myth. Women all have cycles of different lengths; from that math alone, it is inevitable that they will coincide from time to time – but it’s not caused by some unseen force, and it doesn’t persist. <cue the contradictory anecdotes>

Likewise, @chelle21689, you are probably noticing a “pattern” that isn’t really a pattern. As @jaytkay says, the timing is right. A pregnancy lasts 9 months. If each of these women was going to get pregnant between ages 25 and 30, then at a bare minimum, a few of them would have to overlap.

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Oh, I missed that. So yeah, because they are all in their twenties. That’s when most people start having babies. It’s no coincidence.

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confirmation bias

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Many years ago, I worked with a man who had 3 daughters all pregnant at the same time. And lo and behold, They ALL had babies the SAME day!. I have often wondered what the odds would be for that?

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maybe they also had the same boyfriend.

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There’s an English saying ‘‘ The devil is in the details ’’. Sharing details may increase interest of experiencing the same by friends.

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Women’s reproduction can be influenced when in constant contact. Periods will move closer together until they are synchronized.
An old wives’ remedy for young couples unable to have children was to host social events which would put the young woman close to expectant mothers so that if they could have children, things would get in gear.

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Oh lord. It’s a myth. Women do not sync up. It’s already been said, but I’ll go ahead and say it again.

Plus, what does women cycling the same have to do with them getting pregnant within months of each other? Nothing. Who cares if one got pregnant in March 3rd and the other on April 15th? No one is saying all these women got pregnant on the same day.

If they were all sleeping with the same man ovulating at different times would produce more babies. It seems like nature would be more inclined towards that if you want the most babies born.

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It is as common as a bunch of old people dying in an old folks home. If most of your friends tend to be between the ages or 22 and 35, there are going to be a few births all happening about the same years from time to time till you all age out of the child bearing years.

There are also going to be more than one wedding in any particular year. In the last 3 years, I can name at least 7 weddings and 5 births . One just recently and one is due before the year is up.

Not my friends but either family or friends of family. There are also more people than ever that I know within my age group, with hypertension, heart problems, stomach issues and diseases, graying hair, menopause, lactose problems, bad cholesterol, sudden weight gain, stress headaches than I ever knew when I was in my 20’s. I know a few people in my mothers age group of 86 and above. Soon funerals will be happening more. Just had my aunt pass away, and I have 3 aunts who are also very frail and can go any time soon. And that is all on my moms side. My husbands side has several aunts and uncles who have diabetes, high blood pressure and bad tickers. I give them all 10 years tops. Especially since they won’t change their lifestyle.

It isn’t even a coincidence but more a reality of the different stages of life.

Btw, don’t feel bad. You should have a baby when you are ready. No one is going to raise it for you. Having a kid isn’t like having to have the latest awesome sports car. If you can’t make a payment for a car, or give it gas, or care for it, that is not a problem. Well maybe for you but not the car. The car has no feelings and isn’t a living thing. Babies are. Start out slow. Get a goldfish.

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Women do sync up. I’ve seen it time and again, and been a part of it, irrefutably a part of it.

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And I have seen UFOs.

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@Here2_4 Even if they do, what does that have to do with a bunch of friends being pregnant in the same year?

So, your friends that did sync up did it last for over a year? Because, I would seemingly sync with my roommate for 4 or 5 months easily since she was typically 30 days and I’m usually 26, sometimes 28, and my period lasts 7 days and hers 5. Eventually, we would overlap. Did one person who was always 28 days suddenly start getting their period 25 days to sync?

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I did. I was regular like down to the minute for years. When I started college, I roomed with two other girls. For the first time I became irregular, until we all lined up together. There’s more, but I won’t go into that.
Sure, there are coincidental situations, but there are also ties when women will sync up. Pregnancy can do similarly. Did you know many women have miscarriages without being aware they were even pregnant? It happens frequently. Often the chemistry just doesn’t kick in like it should, and the pregnancy fails. I figure the group pregnancy thing comes about when women affect each others’ chemistry (pheromones can do that) and pregnancies which might have miscarried don’t, because the HCG levels etc. are ready to kick in. I may be wrong, but it still stands that something does happen to make pre4gnancy more likely. Of course, it won’t fix things for a barren woman.
I knew a woman who tried for years to have a baby. She and her husband finally figured one of them couldn’t. She ended up taking a job at a daycare where a woman was pregnant, and another woman became pregnant soon after she was hired. She was only there for two months, and yes, she got pregnant. She had three babies in all. The doctor said she had had miscarriages in the past, she simply hadn’t realized it.

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