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Fictional writing prompts?

Asked by lugerruger (785points) June 14th, 2015

Recently I’ve started writing short stories (less than 1000 words) but I’m stuck for ideas. I’m looking for writing prompts, or even just a title, for me to write about. I don’t really care what genre it is, but it must be fictional. Thanks in advance.

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- A man falls in love with a woman. Little does he knows that her father was killed in a traffic accident that he was involved in.
– A writer, in a pit of rage, writes a crime story in which a killer kills characters who are people he hates in real life one by one. The murders then actually happen a few days later.
– A bunch of kids plan for a prank toward an awkward man who has just moved to town. Little do they know that the man isn’t an ordinary one and their prank gradually turn into a nightmare to them.
– A man finds an injured dog and takes him home. The dog turns out to be connected to a tragic incident the man encountered in the past.

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Three titles:

The Last Good Deed of Uncle Albert.
Five Men in a Boat.
The Government that Vanished.

One idea:

An Internet club whose members aim to kill one another in a deal that will see the last person alive inherit all the money. To keep the story short only two members are left alive at the start of the story.

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