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Healthy snacks and meals not loaded with salt?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1795points) June 14th, 2015
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Fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Never a bad idea
See @JLeslie

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What foods do you like? If you share that with us, we can probably help you find ways to find food or share recipes that aren’t salt laden and can be healthy.

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Unsalted nuts and meals made with fresh ingredients rather than processed foods.

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Greek yogurt and berries or other fruit.

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If you eliminate processed foods, you can eat just about anything you want.

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Snack on unsalted breakfast cereals, like Mini-Wheats. Add what’s tasty to you, and shake.

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@talljasperman: I am betting that peanut butter has a lot of salt.

Try unsalted nuts like almonds. Try fresh fruit or maybe some dried fruit (if calories are not your concern, just salt). Try veggies like carrots or have a salad with some low sodium dressing.

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Six unsalted, roasted almonds works as well for me as two cookies for snack.

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