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How to alter a fluther T from M-L to Women's M?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) July 18th, 2008

Due to sizing I ordered the T in a men’s large. It fits across bust, is way too long, needs the neck loosened and slits cut at bottom for hips (mine.) It is made for this body build I I .I am hourglass.

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First question: do you hope to do this yourself?

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Right, Seesul, I was thinking take it to a seamstress or tailor.

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Might you consider—sit down for this—cutting off the Fluther logo and sewing it onto another t-shirt that does fit already?

That’s actually kinda in style these days: sewn-on patches of fabric with tattered edges. You might want to double-up on the fabric, add a contrasting back layer, something.

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Here’s one idea. I’m sure there’s several others to be found on Instructables

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I say we lobby Andrew and Ben to provide women’s t-shirts. I want one, but I don’t wear men’s t-shirts. Umm, I have two things most men don’t have that make a men’s t-shirt uncomfortable and ill-fitting.

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@tiny: that’s why I got the men’s large (o o). I am going to cut ribbing off neck and double-hem it to make a scoop neck; then I am going to cut 5” off bottom, cut a slit on each side and hand-sew another double hem. There are no tailors or seamstresses here (you can tell by the way everyone dresses…the NYC second-home owners get their glad rags tailored in NY and then never find an occasion to wear them.)

@Rob: I could applique the logo onto another shirt but I like the chocolate color.

@tiny: after having crocheted two twin-sized bedspreads w. a #0 hook, I shudder at ever doing that again. But it looks easy and is pretty.

There are women’s sizes but their W-XL is 36–38.” And sizing info says that t’s run snug.

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I asked my question for a reason, Marina, I can tell gail how to do it, but I need to know what her skills are first before going about it.

I wasn’t being sarcastic, gail, if you took it that way, I’m sorry, I just needed a starting point, that’s all, and you didn’t mention what materials or skills you have in that area.

The last time I wanted to get something altered (silk pants), I priced it and they had to bring out the smelling salts. I can do it myself, and had on one pair of pants (with lining) and it was so difficult, and took such a great portion out of my life, that I was considering sending it out.

The difficult part is the neck, and I’ve done a lot of them because school uniform sweatshirts wouldn’t fit over my son’s head. It sounds that the neck perhaps is strangling you. I don’t like that either. Unless you plan to “V” it, you may need to cut tiny slits along the new neckline to compensate for the curve before you hand sew it under, or it won’t lie flat. There are other ways to go about it with a sewing machine, but from what you mentioned, you don’t have one available.

Too bad we live on opposite coasts or I’d do it for you.

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@Seesul The first thought that occurred to me was having it professionally altered (since my own skills are extremely limited). I only meant to second the asking of your question to Gail not any reflection on anyone else’s nohow.

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I wasn’t offended at all and didn’t mean to be that way back to you at all, I was just clarifying why I asked the question I did. In hindsight upon re-reading it, it looked as if gail may have taken my answer sarcastically and I wanted to clear that up.

I just assume (first) people can do anything (especially women) unless they state otherwise and start from that point. I also had the prior (shocking knowledge) of how expensive alterations could be, at least in my area.

When I was first married, my husband treated me to a new camera of my choosing. We went to a department store, because I was entitled to a discount because the company that I worked for had a concession in the store. The camera guy spent the entire time talking at my husband, not even making eye contact with me. My husband had no clue what he was talking about (this was in the day of non-automatic SLR’s). My husband found this amusing, so he played along to teach the guy a lesson. Then at the end, he turned to me and asked me which one I wanted. I then handed him my associate’s card. The look on his face when he saw where I worked was priceless.

At the time, we not only had to take portraits, but be able to repair the camera by being walked through the repair over the phone.

If you saw me face to face, you’d probably never dream I could do that.

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@all; my answer was perfectly straight-forward and I took absolutely no offense at anything. I NEVER use sarcasm and know how to use a needle and thread.

I finally gave away my sewing machine when I noticed the dust. I have, in my time, knitted, crocheted, needlepointed two 9’ x 12’ rugs, and had a quilting business for a while (not worth it since I hand-sewed and hand quilted everything.”

I hate the tight and round necks of men’s tees so I always redo them.

Thanks, everyone. I didn’t mean to cause a froo-frah over what was a completely innocent question.

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I can’t sew a button. I want a woman’s tee. :(

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Did you ever alter the t-shirt? I would be interested to know how you did!

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