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No doubt that money can buy everything except health and moral values. Everything else can be bought, right!

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) June 14th, 2015

We all say money does not buy everything but in reality it does. Agree?

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Well right now, hookers, booze, and drugs would pretty much put me in a happy coma. Reality sucks.

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As a wise man (my dad) once said-“Money can not buy happiness, but it can keep misery on the defensive”.

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It can’t buy the adoration shining out from a toddler’s eyes when they see you.

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@Dutchess_lll Give a toddler a twenty dollar bill in a birthday card and see them beam.

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You need enough money but it has its limits. It might buy you a ticket but not the journey.

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The Wright Brothers’ father, Bishop Milton Wright said something to the effect that the amount of money that a man needs is only slightly above what it takes to prevent him from being a burden to others.
Which is a pretty good standard, for rich and poor.

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I think it will in most cases money even buys health,so that only leaves moral values and it’s still up in the air with that one.

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Money cannot buy everything, this is correct. However, what it cannot purchase I have no use for.

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If only….. Let’s see There’s true love or a good woman, youth, loyalty, a sense of humor, compassion. That axiom about money not buying happiness—I’m willing to test that hypothesis at the behest of anyone curious enough to provide the financing.

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@talljasperman the age I’m talking about would have absolutely no clue as to what money is, or what it is used for.

I’m talking about love, not excitement over what material things you can buy them. Those two things are universes apart.

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@Dutchess_lll I’ve never felt that emotion directed at me. I was always the smart ass or problem.

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:( I’m sorry.

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@talijasperman give a toddler a lollipop or a dried up leaf in a card and watch them beam!

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It cannot buy love.

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@marinelife No but you can rent it~.

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That’s not love. That’s business.

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It doesn’t buy everything but it sure does facilitate a whole heck of a lot

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They’ve done research (Kahneman 2010) and found once we reach a salary level of about $75,000 the effect of money on our sense of well-being levels out but that money does not buy happiness. We might have a greater sense of well-being, but we aren’t necessarily happier.

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@Earthbound_Misfit I will realive you of any extra money that you have.~ It would be a public service that I will provide any Fluther member.

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Money doesn’t always buy everything, but it keeps everything alive for longer.

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WHAT? Money can’t buy health?

I have been mislead. When Kerry had is biking accident in Europe, he was treated by “his personal physician”.

When then-governor Schwarzenegger broke his leg skying, he was rushed to surgery and on his feet in 24 hours. Standing.

It’s not a conspiracy, but I firmly believe there are treatments out there that the healthcare community are not mainstreaming because of the insurance industry. So Arnold (or the state of California) pays $200,000 for him to be back on his feet the next day. Insurance will pay $2,000 for the rest of us to wear a cast for the next 6 weeks.

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Oh trust me, money does, indeed buy happiness lol
I Have always had good values and am of high integrity but it is much nicer to be a great person with money than without.
I used to be able to afford to travel my good naturedness around the world, now I have to settle for chit chat in the grocery store. lol
Money can’t buy a good sense of humor but it sure can bring it out.

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Money buys a necessary level of comfort, healthcare (not the same as health, guys, really) and convenience.
What money doesn’t buy is a much longer list. Yeah, it’s a list of intangibles, but after all is said and done, most of us, after acquiring enough money to live decently, want the intangibles. Cue all the smart-ass remarks about stuff.
I really wish my wealthy cousins had been able to buy non-abusive parents.
Would have been nice if my wealthy friend from high school had been able to buy a husband that didn’t kill her.
And many lesser things that make up the basic happinesses of our lives. You know, like solid friendships, appropriate weather conditions, emotional stability, etc etc.

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@canidmajor I was just saying to a friend the other day that if I had one wish right now it would be for a rainstorm to descend every afternoon all summer, I’m not greedy. haha

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@Coloma:make a devil’s bargain with Texas, they’re getting way more than their share!

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Money may not buy true health and happiness BUT it does buy comfort,and when one is comfortable we can weather the other stuff easier.

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Money may not buy happiness, but it does buy comfort. By this point in life I’ve seen and experienced enough to come to the conclusion that true, lasting happiness is unrealistic, so I’ll take the comfort.

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@Darth_Algar Exactly. Contentment is the closest we can come to sustainable “happiness.”

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