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Have you ever been treated like you are a problem?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) June 14th, 2015

Not a human, who has feelings?

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Yeah. By my sisters.

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Once in a while by idiot bosses, but not any more.

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Nah, but I was once treated for chickenpox, by my mum as it happens.

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By….oh, we can’t name names, or redacted, redacted…., well there was this cat named Robert, and one named Rondo, I guess more here than out in the non-cyber world.

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At one point in my childhood, by the whole family, from my parents to my grandparents. I was regarded as some kind of an abomination. My parents were so disappointed that they threatened to disown me. Glad I am still alive typing this.

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Child and Family Services have a way of making you feel like you’re something that belongs on a shelf, but you don’t really realize this until you’re older haha.

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Increasingly, I am the problem.

I think there is a difference between right and wrong, and if I believe I’m on the side of right, I will fight.

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*raises hand. Last child of 9… For starters. Now, I am the imported, unwanted addition to my ex husband’s family. He (and perhaps a few other members) would very much appreciate it if I turned crispy and desinigrated to dust. His latest complaint is that I have ‘loads of his stuff’. We have been separate for over two years now. I guess he has regrets about his lack of moving and packing skills he had over a year to do.

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I’m certain it has happened. I’m also certain that in the great majority of instances I deserved it. Traffic tickets for example.

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