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How are you? Really.

Asked by augustlan (47711points) June 15th, 2015

Question shamelessly stolen from our old friend and former jelly, Hawaii_Jake. See his last entry on this topic here.

We often ask people how they’re doing, and we rarely expect any kind of detailed answer. We almost always answer that we’re fine or good or some other innocuous word. There’s little thought placed on our reply, and it is often not even heard. The conversation or encounter will quickly move on to more pertinent matters.

Fluther is a relatively anonymous forum where we can take a minute to reflect and answer truthfully. Let the collective know how you’re doing these days.

How are you?


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As for me, I’m okay-ish. I’ve got a great job working with fantastic people, but some health and financial worries are not so fun. My three daughters are doing well, and my oldest just graduated from college and my youngest just graduated from high school. So very proud of all of them!

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I don’t really know. I see the neurologist Monday and the cardiologist Thursday. My body tanked on me Easter Sunday and I was out for about an hour. I’m available for parties if you want some interesting entertainment.

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We’re in that cardiologist boat, too, Addy. I hope you find some answers!

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@augustlan Good luck lady. They’re not finding anything wrong so far, so I guess that’s good.

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I just got out of the cardiologist boat myself. Had all the tests to check my heart out since my brother died suddenly (as did my dad) of a heart attack in February. I checked out ok.
Missing my brother a lot.
But everything else is going well.

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Wretched, but I have the cure.

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Job is ok – it has good and bad like any job. I just bought a new Honda CRV. School is two weeks away from over for my daughter, for the summer, so we’re getting in “end of school year mode” now. I wish I had a little more free time to get stuff done that needs to be done, like organizing stuff and all that fun. Health is good.

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Life’s a beach.

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@jca Summer vacation with your child sounds like fun.

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Really good. I am coming into my own after some hard, hard times.

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I’m getting old. Being obsessed with my bowels lately. Things just don’t move the way they used to. TMI?

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I am between contracts now and am in the running for a life changing big one. It is so life changing I’m not sure i want it. One son just got married and the other is engaged so I feel they are set. My health is great. PSA has been undetectable for 6 years so it looks like I am out of the woods.
Life is good.

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(O brother where art thou mode) I’m feelin like a three legged dog in a two legged dog race.

Sure I got some injuries, but at least I got one more leg than that other feller! (end)

I really don’t think I could explain it better.

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@Judi Laughs, no but you do sound a bit like my mother. And no I don’t want to hear about that.

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Not good. Health issues still abound, and friends and coworkers seem to forget that I was in the hospital 3 times this winter. People seem wrapped up in their own issues, and forget how often I am willing to listen. No one wants to bother asking how I really am…except for you.

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@Judi please continue you were saying…

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@Judi Oh god, I didn’t just say that did I?

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Never been better, thank you

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As we say ‘round these parts, Fair to Midland.

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@cookieman‘s 2015 overview

My daughter is finishing sixth grade and is the smartest, most amazing 12-year-old ever. (Yes, I am biased)

My wife is still an incredible human being and her neurological condition isn’t getting worse and is pretty manageable. So, cautious yaay.

I just had my 1-year follow up with my cardiologist and I’m not dead yet. So that’s good. Also, I’m in the middle of writing my thesis and writing, illustrating, and drawing a graphic novel for grad school. I graduate in October — assuming I don’t collapse first.

My wife’s job ends this month and her job hunt is bearing little fruit, so that’s a bit concerning — but I have the utmost confidence in her.

They decided to close down my job in about 2–3 years, which is plenty of time, but Yeesh…really?!

My cousin and father to our godchildren killed himself in March. It’s been hard to deal with and caused many family ripples.

Cookies are STILL fucking amazing.

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Hugs to those who need ‘em! <3 <3 <3

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@cookieman I’ll bake some for you.

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@janbb: and I would gladly eat them dear penguin. And, “congratulations!!” on being in a better place. You so deserve it.

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I’m fine, busy and perpetually complaining.

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Three things waiting for me ahead: my visit to my grandparents, a big exam and an evil plan with one jelly here.

In other words, extremely busy.

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I mean hungry.

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Actually horny and hungry.

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Meh, I’m alright. I’m feeling pretty good, I’ve been a lot more social and outgoing this past week, but I’m also kind of stressed because I’m in a fight with one of my friends and because I just got my packet for one of my summer classes and it’s like 200 pages long. I’ve been really tired but can’t sleep and my appetite has gone down a bit. I’m afraid I’m wasting my summer break even though it just started. But I had a really fun sleepover with one of my best friends last night, and I just got back from my boyfriend’s birthday party, so for the most part I’m doing pretty good!

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OK you asked for it.
Bottom line up front: I’m having a blast! Life is good!
I retired from a 37 year profession last January. Really enjoying retirement. Folks ask me if I miss work and I tell them that I never think about work. It’s like I never worked. Retirement seems so natural to me. I’m actually more active now than ever. Do more exercise and have joined two paddling clubs (Hawaiian outrigger canoe and dragon boat). I paddle at least once a day and race every weekend. I seem to be always on the go and push to exhaustion sometimes (then I take a day off for rest). As I have mentioned in previous discussions I’ve been called “a natural” canoe paddler. Also last weekend, I established myself as the fastest “Kapuna” (old guy) in my club in a 5.3 mile time trial (also I’m faster that many younger men). Many of the old guys in my club have been paddling for several decades and look much stronger than I am with big muscles (I’m very thin compared to the other guys). I could keep rambling on but that’s basically how I am.
One more thing: Old guys rule! HA!

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Well, I’ve got conjunctivitis and my eye is really sore at the moment. Then I’ve got a boob problem and I have to go to see a specialist on Friday, so I’m not thrilled by that but I feel confident all will be well so I’m refusing to stress about that. And I’m tired and I really, really want a holiday.

I do have a holiday on the horizon, but I need to get a shitload of work done before then. So I’m feeling a bit frazzled. I’ll get everything done, and I’m very certain of that. I just feel a bit overwhelmed by my to-do list right now.

Other than that, my husband is well and my children are all very well and happy. I’m going to an international conference soon and have been asked to be one of their key speakers which is lovely. I have a paper 80% written and another one underway. A major project is just about completed that will provide great opportunities for future work outputs. So my work is all good. I just have too much of it. So, I’m counting down to my holiday!

Lovely to see you here and thank you for asking. I hope you’re doing wonderfully well and summer has arrived where you are.

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As happy as a pig in shite.
In contradiction to the rambling nonsense suggested by Fluther’s amateur psychologists.

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Life is pretty good for me, all things considered (even my deteriorating knees). But I’m just one of those “glass is half (or more) full” type of people :)

Great to see you around these parts more.
Don’t be such a stranger. We missed you :)

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I have an interview for a new job tomorrow. Hopefully things will get better.

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Things are pretty damned good on all fronts at the moment.

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I’m good. Work is ok – bit stressful but in a good way mostly. Family fine, and we are looking forward to the summer holidays. I’m on an even keel at the moment :-)

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I like doing drugs and drinking too escape this crappy life haha :/

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I’m really grumpy. It’s been a few days. I think it’s PMS…

I’m having a very hard time finding a new job. I am employed, but hate my job and have my Master’s degree now… so I thought I could easily find something new. At this point, I’d take a cut in pay to enjoy my work life better, but I can’t even find that. I’ve been preparing to take the PMP exam in an effort to demonstrate my people/management skills (since my work experience is largely with data), but I just filled out the application today and I don’t have enough hours of experience.

I feel annoyed by everyone around me, other than my husband. And that’s a surprise.

I’ve cut out dairy, soy, gluten, grains, corn, peanuts and sugar. I still am in pain after eating (sometimes) and let’s just say things aren’t moving on their own. Now to cut out FODMAPs. WTF. I’m so tired of not feeling well.

And my coworker was such a tool to me today over a stupid discussion of Rachel Dolzeal. She has been treating me like I’m the dumbest piece of shit because I (a) don’t really care about this chick and (b) don’t think it’s a big deal that she identifies as a person of color and (c) don’t buy into the construct of race in the way she was presenting it. For goodness sakes… we’re at WORK! We’re paid to do WORK! Don’t get pissy with me over some pathological liar/attention whore who neither one of us has ever met!

ugh. Sorry to let you into my head for a minute. :(

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I’ve already answered but I just wanted to say “Hi” to @augustlan and mention “It’s nice to see you and thanks for asking.”

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HI AUGGIE!!! Good to see you!!!

I just started my new job yesterday!! It seems fun so far and my coworkers have welcomed me enthusiastically!

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Excellent Mariah!!!!

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I think things went well today!!

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Feels good to know how everyone is doing again. I’ve missed you guys! <3

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And we have missed you.

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Just peachy.

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I am leaving a mediocre job and moving states to a new career. A very bold endeavor that I have high hopes for being a success. I’m feeling brave.

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Recently saw the doctor for the first time in too many years for a physical. He says other than a slightly elevated blood pressure (which has been at nearly the same level for the past 15 years with no ill effects) I have nothing wrong with me, and my blood work numbers are all extremely healthy.

He just confirmed to me that I am as healthy as I feel!

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I have a new job!!!!

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Congo-Rats @Aykm. What’cha doin’?

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@cookieman Data acquisition, same thing but a little different. Scada systems instead of Geotech

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Better today. Conjunctivitis gone! Boob problem there but nothing I need to get freaked out about. Holiday is drawing closer and I’m ticking items off my list.

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Good for the conjunctivitis, not touching the boob, and I’m doing better too.

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No you are not touching the boob! I’m glad you realise this. I’m also glad you’re doing better.

I just need someone who’s good at writing titles. I’ve written an abstract. It has to go today but I’m buggered if I can think of a good title… time for tea I think.

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What’s the abstract? Tea always helps.

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I’m good at titles! How about “War and Peace” – or is that taken?

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Lol, I think that one’s taken.

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I have one friend who always asks “How are you, really?”. I must confess to absolutely loathing that question, asked in a very serious voice and with the accompanying vertical lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows. My friend is utterly well-intentioned but we see each other so infrequently that the last thing I want to do is answer that question. I will talk about myself and how I am when I need to. But for the record, at the moment life is hugely stressful, very exhausting.

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So, @Adagio, how does that make you feel?


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@cookieman Powerless actually. Life is stressful because I need someone to organise something for me, something I literally cannot organise myself, something absolutely essential to my life. I would prefer not to be more specific but suffice to say it is all consuming. Today is Friday and I’m going to try very hard to put it aside over the weekend.

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I am confused. Maybe because of the fact that I am a restless teenager. Rushing from home to school and coaching classes.
I barely have time for my passion ‘writing’
I wish today I could slow down time, enjoy the rains, remember my loved ones and smile wholeheartedly…

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Congrats to all who had good things to report, and hugs to those who didn’t have it quite so good. <3

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Seeing @augustlan post today has really made my day!!! Hi, Auggie! :)

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