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Can The Collective provide some family vacation ideas?

Asked by FlyingWolf (2825points) June 16th, 2015

We are a family of five, two parents and three teenage boys, looking for a good vacation spot in the continental U.S. We are located pretty much smack dab in the middle of the country and will be driving to our destination. The boys are all interested in history and we are mostly interested in getting away. We don’t mind camping but any serious hiking is out of the question. We plan on vacationing for 3–5 days depending on the drive time and we have a decent budget. Does anyone have any great suggestions?

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Have you considered a staycation. You can order out every night, and play video games. And just relax and sleep in till noonish . You will save money and not have to stress out from planning a vacation.

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@talljasperman that’s always kind of been our summer time go to, this year I want to actually go somewhere and see something. I have always loved staycations though!

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Well…you could visit the historic Goldrush zone here in Northern CA. in the Sierras Nevada foothills. Coloma and other historical sites are abundant here and Lake Tahoe and San Francisco are only one hour and 2 hours away respectively. Tour the Sierra Nevada hills and then catch all the great museums in SF and the Golden gate bridge/ park, Pacific Ocean, SF aquariums, Monteray bay aquarium etc. From the mountains to the sea..haha

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@FlyingWolf You could go on a foodie trip. Eating out at famous dinning restaurants. Or you can go fishing if you can get the fishing licenses in time.

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Look into the Finger Lakes region of New York State. Check out Letchworth State Park. If you are a little adventuresome and enjoy nature you can hit Zoar Valley first. You can walk in the river bed as the crystal clear ice cold water runs all around you. there are numerous waterfall you can platy in. It is one of the few places on the plant that still has primal forest. And it is all free!
You can camp, stay in a hotel or stay in a fancy Bed and Breakfast depending upon your likes.

Hamlin Beach on the shore of Lake Ontario is nice too. Camp there or stay in a nearby hotel and visit the small, old communities. This is a very old area of the US so antiquing is interesting.

Geocache as you travel. It will make every location a fun challenge.

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Note: Western NY is NOT AT ALL like New York City.

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Looking at a map, and starting in the middle of the 48 states, my eye goes to Colorado. A couple of routes into the mountains that I like:

Through Pueblo up highway 50 to Canon City, Salida (great town!), Buena Vista and Leadville.

Through Colorado Springs up highway 24 to Manitou Springs (great town!), Pikes Peak, the Florissant Fossil Beds.

Either way you could double back, or drive a big circle and come back through Denver or Colorado Springs or Pueblo.

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You can always go to Texas and have some good beef.

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You could take a trip I have wanted to do: a circle route starting in Denver of Rocky Mtn Nat’l Park, Mt Rushmore, Glacier Nat’l Park, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, then maybe Canyonlands and Arches on the way back to Denver.

On a recent trip to Moab I saw a lot of CruiseAmerica RVs. That might be a comfy way to go.

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Is Boston too far? There’s boatloads of tea history here. There are also a few beaches located right within the city and just outside of it.

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The Finger Lakes of NY are amazing. There’s swimming, boating, orchards, the Cheese Trail, The wineries, the gorges, I’d give it a shot.

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How about Williamsburg, VA? A great mix of history and vacation fun of all sorts.

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I’d make a driving holiday out of following the Mississippi river and historical sites, ending up in New Orleans. I LOVE New Orleans. Start as far up as time allows and enjoy the history. My heritage is French, so I quite like learning about what the early French settlers did in America.

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What better destination than New Orleans? Lots of history as well as Vampire walking tours…

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