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How do you pick and choose what personal information you reveal about yourself on fluther?

Asked by tinyfaery (43479points) July 18th, 2008

We all reveal so much of ourselves on this site, however, I can’t say that I really “know” any of you; I might know your opinion on things, or what you look like assuming your avatar is actually you. Some people choose to reveal their sexuality, their religious preference, age, etc. Why do you choose to reveal certain personal details, but not others, or do you? Are you one of the truly anonymous flutherites out there? Do these things just come out in the conversation, or do you deliberately choose what and when you reveal things about yourself?

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I will let you in on one of my secrets. I am not a jellyfish.

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I just go with whatever works. If a question involves some personal information, I don’t mind shelling it out for the most part. Granted, I’m not going to give out my SS number or anything ridiculous like that but as far as “about me” and experiences, I’ll tell whatever I need to.

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I will share anything as long as its something that I feel like will help someone else. My life is pretty open I don’t mind if people share.

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I don’t really mind showing my personality – it’s my personality after all. I wouldn’t really give my address or something, but that’s mostly because there isn’t really a reason to. What’s the harm in people knowing your sexuality or religious preference?

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@marina Really? Because I really am a purple floaty thing I have no idea what that thing is! :)

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I try not to say (type?) anything I wouldn’t want family to know about me…...

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I’m an open person, on the computer and in life. I don’t really have much to hide, that’s just how I am.

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I think I’ve probably revealed more of myself to you guys than I have to any of the people I work side by side with every day. I feel safe here. What do I have to lose? I’m not running for office or anything.

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Anything that won’t get me arrested is fair game.

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@tinyfaery your avatar is a picture of a translucent juvenile roundbelly cowfish ^_^

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Them’s fightin’ words!

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Open book here – shoot whaddaya want to know?

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[ removed funny tasteless joke by myself ]

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I’m pretty open and honest about everything. In real life and on Fluther. I’ve got nothing to hide.

P.S. – I’m realllllllllllly liking that cowfish.

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@uber Thanks, but I prefer purple floaty thing

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At one point in my life, I decided it was important among other things to practice sincerity and risk. I’ve not always stuck to that ideal, but Fluther has been a good forum to improve that practice.

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I’m as open as a diary with a lock. :)

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@ninja Easy to break into?

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I know some one who fluthers also, and that person is constantly asking me what my fluther name is. I know theirs and see them around, but it would totally make me sensor myself, and that’s not what I want fluther to be.

In short, I am more open with you people than with many people who I know in physical life.

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I’ll happily share my view, opinions and preferences (probably why I like Fluther; sharing opinions with the world is fun), but hold back on details I don’t care to discuss or may be compromising if read by people around me (family, friends, colleagues).

@robmandu: that edit isn’t fair!! Now the curiosity is killing me!!

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(Chuckling cause I know what robmandu’s post said..)

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I don’t reveal anything here that I wouldn’t anywhere else. But I am pretty much an open book.

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I will not reveal my real name, because I don’t like my real name, but other than that I’m willing to let pretty much anything out. It would be different if I knew one of my family members or friends was also a jellyfish.

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^ So it isn’t pete? Now I want to know your name :)

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with the right persuasion.

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I can pretty much tell it all. If I can relate a personal story about something in my life to a question someone asks, I will. I am almost 60 and I have learned you don’t really have too many secrets in this life. You might think you have secrets, but someone somewhere knows it, so it isn’t really a secret. I’ve already told most of my secrets…

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I always tell it how it is. I see Fluther as a place where “opinionated” people can get together and let it all out.

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