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I need a program or something I can use to type in a word and have the computer read it?

Asked by 8lightminutesaway (1413points) July 18th, 2008

Also need to be able to record it, or save an mp3 of it, most file types will work. Anyone know of anything (free)?

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Performing the following search on google produced many promising results. Don’t know of any text to speech apps that save.

I do know that sound recorder (windows utility) and Excel can be used in tandem to read the contents of cells. Just set the recording source to the audio-out of the computer and you should be in business.

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PC or Mac?

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pc. i dont have my office cd, and the text to speech in excel isnt installed.

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All you need to do is fine Microsoft Mike or Sally or whomever whatever.. worthless hard to understand crap, anyways, and you can write in an example, and they will read it.

I can’t remember how to get to that screen though, but I know when testing it there is an example line that you can write whatever you want.

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You’re looking for a screenreader like orca, I suppose.

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The easiest solution for Windows XP/Vista, assuming you have the needed files installed, is this: In Control Panel on classic view, go to “Speech” or “Text to Speech”. There is something like “Preview Voice” where you can type something and have it read out.

Now, to record it, use the Sound Recorder in “Accessories”, but set the device for recording to something other than microphone (you can do this in the volume control panel). Or, if you want a better option, get the free Audacity to record it.

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Thanks, I’ll try that out and see if it works.

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i do know for a fact that the iMac does that but im not sure what program on the computer does it. But im sure you can go to a store or a website where you can find the computer and ask how to use it

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