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Do you think Donald Trump could win the presidency?

Asked by trailsillustrated (16789points) June 17th, 2015

Like, I read that if they throw enough money at it, he could. Think so?

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No chance in hell. He’s a clown. Bozo has a better chance, and I think he’s dead.

ucme's avatar

Haha, it’s eeh-merry-ka, wouldn’t put it past them.
His hair would have to be his running mate.

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Think of Donald Trump as this generation’s Pat Paulsen.

(OK young-uns. Look him up and learn some history)

SavoirFaire's avatar

No. Money helps, but it can’t do everything. Otherwise, we’d all be remembering the legacy of President Forbes and wondering who was going to succeed President Romney.

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From The Apprentice, he sure doesn’t give off the impression of a guy who’s “for the people”.

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Nope. He has the highest disapproval rating (57%) of any candidate in modern history.

Pachy's avatar

No!!!!!—but then

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Ross Perot was the last rich “outsider” with a close approach. And he was a man who knew and understood the issues. Trump can’t even leave the gate without disparaging Mexicans. He is absolutely tactless and accustomed to barking out needless insults without reflection. I think the man just wants an excuse to bluster and strut, and will melt away quickly when things get more intense.

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@stanleybmanly You don’t think he courted the Hispanic votes well?~

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When monkeys fly out of my ass, and get hijacked by pigs.
It’s almost like he is trying to lose. First thing out of the gate he calls mexicans a bunch of rapists, murderers, and drug dealers.

Adirondackwannabe's avatar

Well he didn’t use wetbacks.

stanleybmanly's avatar

@Adirondackwannabe Nope, and I’m sure he can be counted on to alienate the rest of us before he’s finished.

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Any one of these has a better chance.

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Never in a million years. Here is what Politifact says about the Donald.

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About the same time Bernie Sanders does.

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OMG I sure hope not, but then I am never surprised by how dumb the American voting public can become.

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Yes. Not due to his virtues, mind you, but due to the electorate’s collective stupidity, judging by the various insane asylum inmates already elected.
Also a lack of viable alternatives. Every available choice, both republican and democrat, except maybe Bernie Sanders, is a two faced corporate whore.

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No way. He’s too abrasive and arrogant.

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Yes. If he learns humility instead of humiliation .

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I wish he’d throw his entire 8 billion at it and go away broke and defeated. Maybe then he’d shut the hell up and let us give him the collective ’ignore he deserves.

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No, he is so terrible he actually unites people with opposite political views against him. It’s a publicity stunt, nothing more.

ARE_you_kidding_me's avatar

Between Jeb and Hillary as front runners he’d have a fighting chance 3rd party which is truly sad. If it’s between these three I’m just not voting at all. May as well vote for Kim Kardashian or Taylor swift.

Dutchess_III's avatar

The press is having a hey day with that clown!

Darth_Algar's avatar

“Standing there in the boardroom it dawn on me – Donald Trump’s hair was like cotton candy made out of piss.” – Penn Jillette

ibstubro's avatar

For the record, @Darth_Algar, I frequently enjoy your humor and GA your posts.

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