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What is the minimum wage in your area, and what would that wage have to go up to, to make it a minimum living wage?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19414points) June 17th, 2015

You know, what would it have to be for people that are on it, wouldn’t need Government help at the end of the work week to put food on the table?
I really would like to hear peoples opinions, and see what they think it should be and what it is.

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It can’t happen

The minute that whatever minimum wage is imposed on employers, all goods and services will become more expensive either because personnel costs are passed on to consumers, or because demand for them will increase since the “new” minimum wage earners will have more to spend.

Pretty soon, the minimum wage will not be enough, and the government will get to appear to come to the rescue again.
Every politician knows this.

The minimum wage debates are nothing but attempts to manipulate or distract voters.

Having said that, I just read that people stop worrying about money at the 70K/year mark. So the daydream answer to your question is 70K/year.

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It’s 16.40$ here. I have no idea how people live on that, I guess you could do it if you had room mates and no vices. You could do ok with it if you had council housing. I think the minimum wage in the U.S. is SHOCKING and I have no idea how anybody even comes close to living on it. I think the wages there are shocking in general. I can’t see how it can go on there, without raising it.

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The minimum wage here in B.C is $10.25 and people stress it should be $15 to make it a living wage.

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The national minimum wage here in england town is set to rise by a whole 20p in October to £6:70
Evidently i’m paying the staff way too handsomely.

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I think the minimum in my state is $8.05. Not a livable wage. I think it should be $10. That still would not be enough to live on your own I don’t think if you also need to afford a car and health insurance. Not even in very inexpensive areas of the state would it be enough.

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The national minimum wage in Australia is AU$16.87 (US$13.11) per hour or $640.90 (US$498.06) per 38-hour week.

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I think it should be at least $10.

Everyone who makes up to $10 per hour would need a raise, and then people who make close to it (slightly above) would be wanting raises too.

In my area, you need at least $12 per hour to make ends meet.

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I think it is $9.00 per hour here in CA. and going to a whopping $10.00, supposedly, by 2016.
Min. wage is a complete joke for anyone over the age of 20.

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