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What's a great downloadable program to get You Tube videos onto my Mac?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) July 18th, 2008

One that’s legal, thank you.

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I use tooble, which provides a search you-tube functionality. It also downloads, converts, and imports all of your stuff into iTunes. Fast(relatively), free, legal.

Go nuts!

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How can you get a program that is legal as such? Say if you were downloading a music videoonto your PC from youtube it’s illegal if it hasn’t been released in a free format by the record company/artist? It’s only as legal as filming it using a camcorder or screen recording software. The programs won’t affect the legality as if they all do the same thing it makes no difference ;)

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@Skyrail is right. The program isn’t legal or illegal anymore than a car is. Cars are legal, running people over with them is not. The program is a tool, the act of violating copyrights, by whatever means, is illegal.

Now, whether this kind of personal use falls under “fair use” or not is a matter for the courts, and so far there’s no clear answer.

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