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Do you have a dark side that you sometimes can't resist turning loose?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) June 18th, 2015

I think we all have our good sides, but do you also have a dark and not so nice side that sometimes shows up? How does it materialize? Do you enjoy your dark side?

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It’s such a pleasure being able to fully release that side. I keep mine at bay…

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Can my interest in crime count? It is considered dark here and I have to hide it. And if I didn’t enjoy it why would I keep it?

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Oh yeah. I have had plenty of opportunities to use it too. Can’t say I enjoyed it or did not enjoy it, just had to do it.

The problem is discovering it. Once you know it is there, even when it has been put away, it is a disconcerting thing to live with. I am always a little self conscious that people will notice it, like having on the wrong socks, or something stuck in my teeth.

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This place is handy for turning it loose. It’s like taking my dark side out for a daily walk.

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Oh yes, but I never let it loose. Actually, I swallow the darkness and keep it to myself. When it comes out, which is extremely often, I turn into a complete recluse and drown in my dark thoughts.

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All quiet girls do. I’m kind to everyone, but if you fuck with me I’m not going to sit and take it. I fight back.

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Yeah, but I am getting much better at it, I just bring to mind wherever I go and whatever I do, Christ is with me, so if I do it, I am dragging Him through it. Since I don’t want to drag Him through it, I avoid it.

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Lol, no. I like horror, death and all this crap, but it limits itself to entertainment. That stuff in real life sucks. I’m pretty boring, I have no real dark side, at least none that I want to release.

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I’m not sure I have a light side but I do like true crime, the more gruesome the better.

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Yes I have a hungry side where I binge eat take out or beef ribs and chicken wings. I just ordered two orders of pork dumplings and went to town on them. I’m almost full. I have cheese bread with my pills so I don’t pass out.

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The dark side stays on the inside. Maybe that’s why I have insomnia and constant tension. I don’t like being subjected to other people’s dark sides, so I keep mine to myself. I am not a wreaker of havoc.

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