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When should we use Contact the Mods and when should we use Help in Fluther?

Asked by flo (12974points) June 18th, 2015

Is there a difference?

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I think the “help” feature is pretty self explanetory, anything not answered there could be then asked under “contact the mods.”
As far as contacting the mods I have only used this feature a very few times to report inappropriate conduct or harassment. I think “contact the mods” should be used sparingly for, primarily, the things I mentioned but it could also be used if one has a question about the mods or a why their Q./answer was moderated and how they come to their conclusions. I think because their are multiple mods that aside from basic protocol every mod will make their own determinations and/or consult with other mods if in doubt.

I never contact the mods over being modded, if I get modded I probably deserved it. haha

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Help leads to Moderators, same as Contact the Mods. I suppose it’s for redundancy purposes? In case one doesn’t work there’s the other one. Good idea.

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Department of Redundancy Department?

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They are different. The “Help” link brings me to Fluther’s instructions and guidelines. Contact the mods gives me a comment box to send to the mods.

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First, this is a Meta or “Fluther” in-house question.

I think “Contact the mods” is the definitive answer to your question.

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I think this is what comes up if you go to Contact the Mods

This is what comes up if you go to the Help button.

This is what happens when you Flag something.

This is what you get if you send a Private Message

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I’m guessing you mean this page when you say “Help”?

While it is true that you can contact a moderator by clicking on one of the profiles on that page, this is different from the “Contact” button: When you PM one of the mods, you are only reaching that particular person. When you use “Contact”, you are reaching all moderators at the same time. This is the better option in most cases, because all of us are inactive at times. By sending a message to just one moderator, you are taking a risk. If that one mod happens to be on a holiday or busy with personal stuff, your message will not get read until they are back online.

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Thanks everyone.
I didn’t get the joke at first @Kardamom.

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When you send through Contact the Mods you can’t get back to it to read it right?

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@longgone You sound like you’re a teacher. Best answer.

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^ I’ll take that as a compliment ;)

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