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Why are new albums released on Tuesdays?

Asked by slboval (4points) July 18th, 2008

music? release schedule?

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Because of the sales figures for albums are released on Mondays. So in order to get all of the sales they can they release them at the beginning of the weekly sales, Tuesdays. I would assume DVDs work the same since they are released on Tuesdays also.

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@Rockstar: You’re exactly right about the album sales.

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@wine-I know I am! :)

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It’s always been an industry standard.

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does this question hold any relevance at all? i know it’s not necessary, but i mean, come on, next question should be “why does steve wear a turtleneck during the keynote?”

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@iwamoto, maybe it’s symbolic of a turtle coming out of its shell – if only for an hour and a half every 4–6 months!

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