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A MacBook Air 11 sleeve (very minimal) with shoulder straps?

Asked by marmoset (1258points) June 21st, 2015

I’m looking for fabric or plastic only, not leather—I can’t seem to find a bag that’s JUST a slim-fitted sleeve for the 11 inch MBA but also can hang from your shoulder (ideally with adjustable straps). All the “bags” I can find have much more room and therefore much more bulk than that—and all the “sleeves” I can find don’t have any straps. I could get straps custom sewn onto a sleeve, but before I do that, am I missing some product out there?

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I bought exactly what you’re describing at the Apple Store. It’s made by Thule

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Sorry, it doesn’t have straps, which I also wanted. Otherwise, it’s a wonderful case.

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