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Do you hear voices or see things that aren't real?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) June 21st, 2015

Also do you have odd beliefs? What if you are right and it is actually real? What if you are wrong and you are I’ll?

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No. Usually this would be called Schizophrenia unless you are under the influence of psychedelic drugs. haha

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Have you been hearing voices or seeing things that aren’t real?

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@chyna No, but I still believe that I am Astral traveling into the my past and future. I cannot change much. I am running out of future. Also most of my past is set. If it isn’t real than people have plagerized my anime that I predicted/ or made @Coloma I’m on an opiate anti-psychotic medication so no help there.

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I don’t know what advice to give here. I’m not going to tell you that this stuff isn’t really happening, but I will say that I have a relative with schizophrenia and she is frequently bothered that celebrities are stealing songs or books she wrote. I’m not saying this isn’t happening to her, but it happens a lot when she doesn’t take her meds the right way. Once she gets back on the correct dosage, celebrities stop stealing the songs out of her head.

If people are stealing your anime, I’d go look for help stopping that from happening. Even if you’re already on antipsychotic meds, it may be time to adjust them. Every few years ago, it’s a good idea to go to the doctors and get your dosages evaluated.

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If you hear and see them, how do you know they aren’t real.

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@elbanditoroso Same thing I told my nurse.

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No. I do not have that luxury.

If I did, my license might be suspended. My work would be suspect. I might be listed as “Delay” on the NICS E-check system.
My credibility in front of my customers and staff would be destroyed. It could quickly lead to financial ruin.

So. The answer is No!

I don’t do drugs, either.

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My dad was a pretty abusive drunk. My mom used to make us sleep in our clothes and shoes since we had to bail if he wasn’t drunk enough to pass out when he got home. This was very frequent. Pretty sure we paid more for hotels than they paid for their mortgage.

So 30 years later and I still wake up to banging on the door and my mom or sister screaming for help a few times a week.

But nobody is there….

It has happened three times since Monday. My mom lives 120 miles away and my sister is single. Sigh.

And yeah, most nights I still sleep with my shoes on.

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Yeah, I heard a Republican that made sense.

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I hear a loud scratchy noise at times from damage to my ears that really sounds like it is happening in the room. I can go years and it doesn’t happen, and then it starts happening a few times, and then it goes away again. I have a constant sound always going that isn’t loud, and most of the time I am not aware of it.

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I am schizotopal, so I sometimes hear voices, usually when I am stressed.

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One time when I was at my dad’s it was 3 in the morning and I was still awake. My room is in the basement. I was drawing and I heard someone talking. It was a deep voice and it sounded kinda menacing. I went upstairs to check and everyone was asleep, so I got really paranoid and I felt like something was watching me. I went to sleep and woke up with a cut on my leg, and now there’s a scar there.

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One time I had this really weird experience where I was hearing a ridiculously feint music that sounded like a slow-paced 80’s rock guitar ballad solo (not a genre I ever really listen to). The melody wasn’t recognizable and it only occurred when my head was on the pillow in just the right way as I was trying to sleep. If I sat up it instantly went away, but when my head was at the perfect angle it always came back. It was as if I was actually hearing some radio station in my head. I searched the house for an actual source (and this was at like 3am) and was certain it wasn’t real, but I couldn’t make it stop either.

I was completely sober, and I know it’s not possible to hear a radio waves, so I’m at a total loss for an explanation. It must have been an auditory hallucination.

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Once, when I was under a bit of stress I saw a cat jump on top of the birdhouse in our back garden. When I went out to chase it away there was no cat there and never had been.

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I’ve used equipment to see things that are real but can’t be seen.
Thermal imagers indicate objects and places with different temperatures than the background. You can walk the the woods and see where deer have bedded down from the glowing hot spt they leave behind.. You can see where someone had leaned against a tree or touched a wall or dropped an object. You can see hidden bird nests and squirrels running through the trees.
Visible light is just a sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum. There is so much more out there.

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It may happen when you are in stress. But its nothing just an illusion.

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