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To the women, how important is it that your husband/boyfriend notices and acknowledges your importance to him?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) June 22nd, 2015

If you had to rate it on a scale like 1–10, or give it a grade from A+-F, how important is it that your husband or boyfriend affirms your importance to him (even if no other person believes you to be important)? If he never, ever mentioned, or said how much he values you and or how important you are to him, what would you think?

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Wow…. well, I know, in my current relationship, I would rate it a 1. I know he loves me, but I’m the worst, most inconvenient girlfriend ever. We don’t live on the same continent, so being ‘important’ or being reliant on each other for anything other than a bit of moral support is absolutely not going to happen.

In my previous marriage, it would have been nice to have my role valued rather than resented.

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It is very important to e to hear the words even though I know he loves me, but he does say it all the time, and other things that I treasure.

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It’s a 9. If I was never, ever told that I was valued by him, I would think that he didn’t value me. It may sound insecure or childish to some people, but yes, I do need to hear from my husband that I matter in his life.

A 10 would be that the acknowledgment was the most important thing ever in our relationship.

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I’d say an 8. I think a better question for me is how often do I need to hear it, not whether I need to hear it.

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A 7 or 8. It’s critical to know that we’re important to each other, but constant affirmation isn’t needed or desired.

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I know I am important to him on many levels but he never says so. I just know it. The companionship element is very important to both but neither one acknowledges it. You don’t have to say it. For instance, he’ll say, “a movie I think you’ll like is on in an hour.” He wants me to watch it with him.

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