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How come dogs get peeved when you blow in their faces, but hang out the window on car rides?

Asked by Allie (17506points) July 18th, 2008
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Because your breath stinks? Haha.

But really, maybe because they see it’s someone doing it, where as out the window it feels natural. I don’t know if that made sense lol

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crunchaweezy: Haha, buuurrrnn. And yeah, that made some sense.

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I always thought the reason was something along the lines of why you probably wouldn’t like someone to blast a note on a trumpet right into your face but the same note would sound great in a piece of music.

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Cats and babies hate it too. I always thought it was because it makes it hard to breathe for a second or so.

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I always figured it was related to breath. Have you ever tried holding toothpaste up to a dog’s face? They don’t like it!

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Great question Allie! You really got me thinking with this one!!

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Do you like having someone blow in your face even if you might like to ride in a car with the windows down? I am not sure this is a big mystery.

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Ha, Marina, I don’t like anyone blowing in my face, but I don’t hang my head out the window. I’m pretty sure hanging your head all the way out the window and rolling a window down give different effects.

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@Allie True. (I mean, I think.) Truthfully, I have never tried the latter either. OK, possibly once to upchuck, but I was not up to noticing the wind thing at the time as my head was hanging down.

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This is a great question! I really like macbean’s answer. I went to blow air on my dog’s face and she actually liked it! Looked like she was trying to bite/lick the air.

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@TheHaight , ha ha, My dog does that too! She’s a character.

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I always thought blowing in a dog’s face was a good way to get them out of mine and then IT happened.

I was at a friend’s house about two months ago and her pitt bull was overly excited to see me. Even after 20 minutes of visiting the dog was still jumping around and getting in my face so I did the first thing that came to mind, the thing that has always worked – I blew in her face. Only this time it didn’t work. This time the dog waited until I poked out my lips to blow and she got closer. Next thing I know, there is a nasty, wet dog tongue in my mouth!

Since then I have not and will not blow in a dogs face or anyone else’s for that matter. So next time you go to blow in someone’s face think about it first!

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Dragon, that reply reminds me of this thread, EWWW!

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@scamp Yeah that’s pretty gross. I know they say dogs mouths are cleaner than humans but I don’t eat my poop or lick my own butt.

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Dogs are control freaks?

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It could be the surprise element. The dog is startled by such sudden and strange human behavior. When they stick their head out the window, they can brace themselves for it. Like PnT says, it’s likely a control issue.

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Because thats what dogs do.
Perhaps they want to smell the outdoors to check everything out?
@Marina- Gee, thanks for the use of the word “upchuck.” No need to be so insensitive..

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my dog loves it.

I blow on his ears and he twitches.
Annoyed but he knows I love him.
He would rather have me around then not.

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You like a nice breeze on a summers day right? Or the open windows in your car on a hot day? But do you like your family member, friend, or SO blowing in your face? I should think not.

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2 of my dogs like it, the labs, the cocker spaniel doesn’t.

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Oh I know. Stay with me on this one now right.

The owner has really bad breath right. So when the owner blows in the dogs face it’s obviously horrible for the poor doggy.

When the dog gets into the car with the owner then, the stench is still horrible, so he makes a decision and hangs out the window of the car, risking it’s head being blown off to get away for that dang awful smell.

Case closed.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this post have been prepared to provide a summary of possible reasons for the aforementioned actions. Under no circumstances do the contents of this post represent the opinions of the poster in relation to Allie’s breath. The owner of this post would like to make clear that it is his express opinion that Allie’s breath is most likely always minty, and wintery fresh.

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osullivanbr: Haha, that made me smile. (Blows a minty fresh air kiss.)

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its kind of like when we were kids, it was fun to put out heads out the window, but to have a person blow in our face is a tease. I don’t blow in my dogs face cause I think its mean. They have it hard enough being dogs & not living long.

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uhmm…if you have a girl dog , they dont like it because whenever a Male dog is about to….<get at it ><lol> he blows in the females ear to tell her the he is about to . it usually isnt a problem with male dogs , the only reason why they dont like it is because of the cold wind blowing into their ear .

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It’s the CO2. It’s like when we inhale up close to a fizzy drink. Dogs are just more sensitive to it. When the wind is blowing in their face, the CO2 concentration is very much lower.

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