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How often do you leave the movie theater to use the bathroom or get refills?

Asked by rockfan (11981points) June 23rd, 2015

I saw Jurassic World yesterday in a packed theater, and half the theater looked like they were playing musical chairs. About five people even missed the climax of the film. And it’s kind of strange considering how expensive ticket prices are.

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Never. I don’t eat or drink while watching a movie. For me, food and drink is a distraction. I pee before the show starts and I’m good for the rest of the show and maybe the rest of the evening.

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Never. I think it’s very poor taste (and impolite) to do so.

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Like my fellow felly jellies above and for the same reasons, never. My seat of choice is on the back row as high as the theater goes, so besides the reasons above, I simply don’t like taking such a long trek to the lobby (or risk falling down the stairs).

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Never. Leaving the theater in the middle of a movie isn’t fun.

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Hardly ever.

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As a general rule I try not to. However, due to ongoing (and somewhat icky) gut issues, occasionally I have to. One of my kids suffers from colitis and may have to leave the theater 2–3 times during a showing. And yes, people who think it’s rude have no problem saying so, usually causing more fuss than we do.

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@canidmajor Colitis is a tough one. I’m sorry your family is going through this. It will get better.

After my prostate surgery I was incontinent for a while. I had to pee more often than a dog at a fire hydrant convention. I wore pee pads as back up but the idea repulsed me.
I adjusted my activities around my constant need to pee. Wherever I went, I always took a seat by the bathroom. I do not recall going to the theater and if I did I would select the crappy seats on the end of the row near the exit. If I knew I was going to be someplace where I needed to be “full on”, like doing a presentation, I would adjust my liquid intake 3–4 hours ahead so I could last. I eliminated some activities completely. I did not go kayaking or skydiving. :-)
Fortunately, surgery fixed it. Whew!
Colitis is not so easy. I wish your child well.

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I won’t have purchased anything that could be re-filled and I go without using the bathroom as long as is necessary, on most occasions.
At home I’ll pause a movie for anything that might make me miss a second, if the movie is good.

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Never. I’ll make sure I go enough times that my bladder is empty prior to movie starting.

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Almost never. Maybe one time in 20 I need to get up during a movie.

I do think movies over two hours should have an intermission like plays do.

I can’t remember being at a movie where people are constantly getting up to go to the bathroom. When someone does get up it doesn’t bother me. They need to go.

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Never. I turn my cell phone off too.

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Never. I can’t recall ever needing to leave the cinema to go to the loo. And I do drink during the film.

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Thanks, @Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One. I try to remember to leave my cell in the car.

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@LuckyGuy, thanks for the well-wishes. Her colitis is in check for the moment, thanks to modern pharmaceuticals, with any luck surgery won’t be necessary.
We do try sit on the aisle, but it’s not always possible. Any disturbance we ourselves cause is literally 5 seconds long, shouldn’t be that big a deal.

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I agree with @JLeslie. I have never been to a theater where people have been jumping up very much, where it’s extensive.

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@rockfan Was it a theater that serves beer?

The Jurassic movies are long. You figure with wanting to get a seat early, because it is a big opening, commercials, previews, and the actual length of the movie, it’s easily 2.5 hours of sitting. Most doctors would recommend against that. LOL.

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@JLeslie No but a lot of people were buying more popcorn and drinks. Seems weird to me to miss a part of a movie that you paid for

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I prefer an aisle seat but I never have to go to the toilet.

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Almost never, and then only in an emergency.
Last time? Star Wars Episode 1. Under cooked Pretzel from the concession. This was later referred to as The Pretzel Menace. I had to leave the theater 3 times during the last 45 minutes to fill their toilet bowl with an unending amount of, let’s just say the same thing ragingloli uses to describe Episode 1. My family was stunned, because they know I never do that.
I complained to the people running the theater after, and got 2 passes to re-see the movie, and all the concessions we bought free.
However, every time I see the movie I think “this is where I had to leave”.

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Never, i’ve paid to see it & want every minute’s worth.

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Wow. Ya, I almost never do. But I have a capacious iron bladder, and I get focused on the film and I don’t like missing things, nor walking past people.

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I go before the main show starts, and then I try to make it all the way through. Sometimes, I have to go once though.

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@rockfan, based on my observations, how an audience behaves is dictated by the genre of the film. This has been my experience anyway. If I go to see what I call a ‘popcorn’ movie that attracts a younger, less serious film audience, then there will be more noise and the audience will be less considerate of those around them.

If I go to see a film that appeals to a narrow audience, the cinema will be quieter and less active. People sit quietly (unless they’re laughing or whatever) and watch the film.

I find groups of young people and old couples are the worst movie theatre attendees in terms of noise and activity. Old couples seem more inclined to talk during the film! I’ve glared at more than a couple of oldies in cinemas. They don’t seem to realise that their whispering is disturbing everyone around them. Groups of young people take longer to settle down, seem to jump around from seat to seat, keep going for more drinks, lollies and the like.

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I always tinkle before I go into the show. So pretty much never. I only drink my water, that I’ve snuck in, if I’m having a coughing fit. I usually suck on cough drops to avoid having that happen. Plus them lemon ones just taste so dang good!

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