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With a problem like that... life's pretty good.

Asked by whitenoise (14126points) June 23rd, 2015 from iPhone

We are about to move to Switzerland and spent last weekend hunting houses.

Now, during that visit I noticed that there were street signs pointing people to Chocolateries.

Of course we need street signs to help us get to places… to the next town, to the zoo or to the police station. But never before have I been in a place where people consider ‘not knowing where the chocolate store is’, a problem serious enough to warrant a street sign.

So… in my opinion: when you think it’s a problem if people don’t know where the chocolate store is, life must be pretty good.

Can you share more examples of problems that aren’t really problems but should actually be seen as an indication that you life is pretty good?

Like a guide that helps you pick the color of your new Porsche…

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“Do I really want the cook-top in the island?


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Can the problem of people gaining weight count?

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Swiss chocolates are sought by tourists, so I guess that explains the street signs.

All sorts of things related to building my house were like what you describe with the Porsche example. Paint colors, floor coverings, location of my two sinks in my kitchen, the list goes on.

In America there is a plethora of choice about so many things. Children picking out the color of their notebooks and folders for school. 31 flavors of ice cream in one shop with 20 different types of toppings.

Signs for candy shops are found here too. Also, signs for scenic outlooks come to mind. A simple sign just pointing out you might want to stop here and look at how pretty it is.

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Beware of sign signs.

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Haha…alert, alert, do not miss the chocolate shop!

Yes, a friend of mine. very sweet and caring women but always complaining that her husband always has to have the best of everything ( race cars, Audis, expensive show horse etc. ) and how she “never gets anything.”
Lets see, she has, so far, in the last 10 months, enjoyed a 2 week Hawaiian vacation, various other travels.
Las Vegas, mineral spas, a retreat of some kind, buys clothes like there is no tomorrow, gets daily deliveries from Amazon prime for any and everything, house stuff, kitchen stuff, shoes, clothes, make up, lotions & potions, things for her dog like an expensive dog bed, dog hammock for the porch, is obsessed with cooking knives and will spend $100 or more for one knife, the list goes on. Bought a $600 painting that is only about 10 inches across. haha

Poor little rich girl. lol

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The headache of deciding where to diversify (or if) $$$milions$$$ of investments.

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@Zaku , did you hear the shriek? You nail it for response of the day.

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@Zaku LOL So perfect!
Don’t forget the “OMG it has GLUTEN I can’t eat THAT! ” and ” I only eat non-GMO organics!” haha

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Why Switzerland? You know it no longer is a viable place for tax evasion.

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Well in my case, it is, @ragingloli. :-)

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Too many postive physicals. Gout.

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This is a free country. How dare the government require water restrictors on my faucets and other conservation methods. Since I can afford it, I should be allowed to waste all the water I want.

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I just “discovered” a new Fluther formatting trick, then discovered it was just my computer playing tricks on me. Life’s pretty good if something like that has the power to disappoint me.

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