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I've applied to McDonald's part time, is there anything I should know?

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) June 23rd, 2015

I bought the black boots/shoes. What else should I know?

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You should know that the rest of us here are chomping at the bit to hear of your adventures! Please, please,please get back here soon & often so we can dish the dirt!

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Know that…I am excited for you. This is a big thing.

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Wait, wrong place.


er, on second thought, we don’t want to know.

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It’s going to be hard work. But the customers will enjoy it most if it doesn’t look like it is.

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Remember that your coworkers are your CO-workers, not your managers.

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Remember you need to be friendly with your customers and willing to help them when they need.

Happy that you finally find a job.

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Everything is a people job. Remember that and you will be happy, successful and valuable.

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Did you get the job yet or have you just applied? I surely hope you DO/DID get the job.
The best thing I can tell you is to be as fake happy as you can be. Not over the top, just really polite. I say ‘fake” because I just can’t do that for very long. I am not a people person. The saying that goes “the customer is always right” is a sentiment many jobs live by. So, be cognizant of that. And have fun. Yes, one can have fun at work :)

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Prove to the boss from the beginning, that you’re a responsible employee who understands the importance of showing up on time every day that you’re scheduled to work.

Score brownie points by volunteering.

Be cognizant of first impressions. Look everyone in the eye, give a half smile, and say hi. That’s immensely helpful in starting any type of relationship in a work environment.

It’s hard work, but millions have done it. You can too!

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You have been wisely advised. Just believe in yourself, don’t take everything to heart, be willing and helpful. Try and make some friends at work. You SHOULD NOT reveal much about yourself yet, just social chit chat and a friendly smile. Be social at times but keep yourself to yourself more if you know what I mean!

Good luck and a greatly brave step!

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One of my cousins has worked there for about 6 months now. She said it’s very hard work. There is a lot of stuff that you have to memorize in a quick amount of time when you first start working there. The hours vary from day to day, week to week. Sometimes you have to stay late, if someone else is sick or doesn’t show up for some reason. Sometimes the customers are idiots and jerks. Sometimes her co-workers are idiots and jerks. The pay is low. She often comes home with aching feet and a sore back and a sore neck from doing repetitive work all day (or night) long. She says she can’t get the smell of grease out of her clothes. Because she has bills to pay, she has to go to work even when she is tired, or not feeling well. She says she’s really not thrilled with working there, but she is grateful that she has a job, and she gets up every day and goes in and gives it her best. She’s a nice girl with a nice personality. You have to at least pretend to be happy to be there and do your best work. If you don’t, there’s ten other people lined up to take that job.

Make sure you really want to go back to work, and are able to work, before you take a job if it’s offered to you.

Best of luck, friend.

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That’s fantastic! With any job I always tell people don’t let the learning curve frustrate you too much. The first few days while learning everything it might feel a little difficult, but very quickly you will become the expert.

I know the customers and coworkers will think you are great to work with if you get the job. You’re so witty and funny.

Let us know what happens.

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You will have to be on our feet the entire time. The first week or two will be physically painful but your body will adjust so don’t let it catch you by surprise or quit.

It will definitely get better. Take some Ibuprofen and rest and sleep as much as necessary.

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Some very good advice, to which I unfortunately can’t add. I do include myself on the list of those who wish you well and want to hear about how things go.

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@Buttonstc brings up an important point. It does take a week or two to adjust to being on your feet all day, and the process can be miserable.

For years, I had a job being on my feet all day. When I took a week’s vacation, it still took a week or two to ‘get my legs back’. (That’s what we called it.)

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I am going to the job fair tomorrow. .. wish me luck.

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^ There are lots of jelly fingers crossed for you! Bets of luck!

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Good going @talljasperman !! Sending you you the best :)

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Try your best @talljasperman! It’s one turning point.

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Keep smiling!

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At McDonald’s now. Waiting for interview.

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@talljasperman We hold our collective breath!

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Interview went well… will find out by the end of the month.

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I don’t think I can hold my breath till the end of the month…..

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Great going @talljasperman !!! Even if you don’t get the job, you are taking amazing steps forward! I’m sure I speak for so many here in saying how proud we are of you!

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I didn’t get the job. I was too honest about my health issues. The manager also warned me that they would have worked me to death. His eyes were bloodshot and he was crying. I would prefer to work with books as a cashier in a bookstore. I DON’T want to be covered In grease again.

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Bookstore sounds good.

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@JLeslie Bookstore moved away.

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