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Guys, how would you grade the efforts of your wife/girlfriend in making you feel needed and useful to her?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) June 23rd, 2015

Even if what she was asking of you was not super intense or laborious, even if just ”killing the bug”, or getting the annoying squeak from the cabinet door, to changing the light above the range hood, etc., her making you feel needed and not used you’d give what grade or score? Would her efforts or action be a ‘B’, and ‘A’+? Would you have to score it woefully like a 4 or less? Do you even care to be seen by her as useful or needed?

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I have a wife too you heterosexist.

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I care to be seen by her as her best friend, her partner in crime, fifty-percent of our very good (and very sexy) equation.

“Useful”?! I’m super useful. And, truthfully, I do pride myself on being helpful (sadly) and I do care if she notices.

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We don’t ask the other to do something we could do ourselves. She could get along just fine without a man in her life.

That said, I feel needed when she turns to me for support by discussing things that no one else would understand. Those conversations happen when they happen. A score card is not appropriate.

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Why would I want to grade someone? I would grade a paper if I were a teacher but that’s it. Grade someone on how they made me feel? What? This is just a horrible idea. What could you possibly gain from doing this?

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I don’t grade her on it. I just know it’s extremely nice to hear something like, ”...Oh, by the way…I do appreciate everything you do for me!” I sometimes feel I don’t tell her that often enough.

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“Grade”? Really?

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