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What kind of videos do I have to make to get subscribers on youtube?

Asked by JOHNSWEETZ101 (66points) June 23rd, 2015

I like making my own videos like blogs and just things I like to do but what do I have to do to get subscribers? I only have about 10 subscribers I wan’t more people to view my videos.

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The same question the TV networks ask -“how do we get viewers to want to come back?”

You do so by producing quality videos that are engaging,interesting, leave the viewer curious about what you might produce next. And a good way to do that is to make videos of things you are passionate about that also communicate why you are passionate about it and what another person would find interesting.

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@zenvelo took the words right out of my mouth. You have to figure out who your audience is, and make something of high quality.

So first figure out your audience.

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I’m looking at the list of most subscribed users, and hardly any of the channels are of high quality. So I think in order to get a lot of subscribers, you need an extremely engaging screen presence, and you need videos uploaded on a reliable schedule, so people know when to check out your videos.

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I love these guys….

Ya gotta be interesting, diverse, and humor is really a draw too.
Maybe tag team with a partner like these guys. When you have someone to bounce some improv off of it takes the pressure off of being the sole one pony act. lol

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Why not include a link to your latest/best video when you post a question like this (or is that considered spamming)? That would get some views and increase the probability of a subscriber. It would also give people a chance to give constructive criticism.

For Youtube, I think it helps to have faux-high-quality. Be funny, have good lighting, lots of quick cuts, but still be personable and genuine (not commercial). It also helps to be active on social networks and post funny comments on other videos. Use cover images that will get clicks and consider SEO when titling your videos.

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Hurt yourself.

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