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What do you think about the Mississippi state flag?

Asked by JLeslie (61047points) June 24th, 2015 from iPhone

The flag has a confederate emblem in one corner. Several years ago the state voted to keep the flag as is. I was just reading a Facebook post about it, and one person said they are offended by Muslim flags in front of churches, but they don’t try to have those removed. Does that guy have a point? The OP of the thread pointed out the Muslim flag is on church property, not a government building.

What are your thoughts on all of this?

Can someone feel strongly the confederate flag should come down in South Carolina, but the Mississippi state flag is ok? What do you think?

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The guy is comparing something on private property to something on government property. He has no point and is a moron for even thinking that it’s a valid comparison.

Anyway, my thoughts are that regardless of any racial issues the fact is that the flag of the Confederacy, having been raised up in war against the United States, has no business being a part of any state flag, or being flown over state grounds of any member state of the United States.

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The South lost. And they are better off for it. Why would anyone want to display a symbol that shows your ancestors were willing to fight to the death for a way of life that is now extinct in the modern world?

Speaking of the modern world, Germany prohibits the display or dissemination of Nazi materials. Because Nazi’s were the ruination of the country and, ultimately, a huge embarrassment. Did I mention wrong?

Kudos to the federal government for allowing display of the Confederate flag on state property, IMO. The states need to stop on their own. 150 years, after the fact.

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The answer to the question is I don’t live there and I don’t care.

But as implied earlier, the Stars and Bars seems more like a symbol of defeat instead of victory.

I am pretty sure that if the people in Mississippi want to change their flag, they will do it. It’s their issue to deal with.

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Obviously time to update and reconfigure. OH, and their flag shows Lee’s battle flag and not the official CSA flag (Stars and Bars).

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The stars and bars are a symbol of hatred and intolerance. It says we are still southerners, we are still pissed off at you yankees and your war of aggression and if we get the opportunity we are still gonna go our own way one day.

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My position is: They lost the war, they don’t get to fly the flag anymore. At least around government buildings. If some ass wants to fly the flag outside his door, and let the neighbors know he is a racist ass, well, they probably already know it, but he can if he wants.

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I’m not even sure it matters that they lost. No matter what it’s a symbol of wanting slavery to stay intact. Why be proud of that?

@rojo They can go. I’m holding my breath. Just when they go I want time to move if I’m living in one of those states.

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