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Does anyone have any experience cooking eggs in a smoker?

Asked by Kardamom (31432points) June 24th, 2015

I just saw several vague postings on the internets, with lovely photographs, of eggs that were supposedly cooked in a smoker. The taste was described as being slightly bacon-like.

Sounds good to me.

Unfortunately, of all of the postings that I saw, from general internet searches, there wasn’t very good or specific instructions and most of them seemed to be cooking the eggs on a barbecue grill, rather than in an actual smoker. Those are two separate things right?

One of my friends has a smoker similar to This Thing. He also has a barbecue grill like This. The postings that I read suggested a “smoker” rather than a “barbecue grill” but the pictures vaguely suggested otherwise.

One recipe said that they started out with hard boiled eggs and then smoked them, and they turned out terrible and he wouldn’t recommend making them like that.

All of the rest of the posts said that they started out with raw eggs.

Some of the posts said to use cherry wood, others said to use hickory. Which do you think would be best?

Do any of you have any good and specific instructions for making smoked eggs? What temperature should the smoker be set to, and how long should the eggs be smoked/cooked?

Here is a picture of Smoked Eggs

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Fruit wood is best for chicken and light colored meat, same should be true with eggs, so Cherry or Apple. Here is Howling Hog BBQ’s recipe for smoked eggs.

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Temperature control is key, keep it under 230 *F.

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Generally, smoking for flavor and aroma is done in the 200–225 range.

Here’s a video that shows testing cooking times on a smoker in that temp range.

I’ve never heard of smoking eggs, and I’m surprised the smoke penetrates the shell.

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This is scarey. Have we connected in some sixth sense?

Yesterday afternoon I was in a market in a small town nearby and I looked down and there was a of blobby looking things. I picked it up and the label said, “Smoked Pickled Eggs”. I nearly bought them, but they were advertised as Amish, and that puts me off.


I think a BBQ grill can be used as a smoker, but a smoker is not really suited to grilling?

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@ibstubro That’s generally true. Smokers have features that allow them to run at steady low temps for a long period of time, but aren’t really designed to run at temps high enough to sear a steak. Some charcoal and gas grills have options available to allow smoking, but maintaining a charcoal grill at lower temps can be tricky.

Effective combination grills are the ceramic grills that burn lump charcoal.

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@ibstubro Here is what @bossob is talking about with a ceramic cooker having a temperature range from 200 * F to over 850 * F.
Big Green Egg I’ve owned one for over 10 years; it can cook pizza to smoked pulled pork, rib-eye steak to St. Louis cut ribs.

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The Major was just talking about a gas grill that had a smoke-box optional attachment, I think.

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@ibstubro that was me, I have one like that.

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Sorry, @ARE_you_kidding_me. Wasn’t that the Major’s Q?

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