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Why can't people send me pictures on my iphone?

Asked by elliottsmith (2points) July 18th, 2008

i know it doesnt support mms but some of my friends said if someone sends them a picture it will let them know and they can view it online.. mine wont even do that. any ideas?

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I think the problem is that:

When someone send an MMS to a phone that doesn’t support MMS, you get a text message with a web page URL.

That web page has a flash interface which the iPhone can’t handle.

I think that was the problem from what I remember… it’s a problem that AT&T could easily fix.

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No, the website is not flash. If you are trying to view it on your iPhone, forget it, it will crash Safari.

Unfortunately you’ll have to use a computer and enter the 1034ujdaksjds login and pass. It’s very annoying…

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i dont even get a prompt telling me to go to any website. i dont get anything when someone sends me a pic. theres no website to go to or password.

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I can view pictures with that site on my iPhone. Idk what’s up.

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