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Which is healthier, given the lesser of two evils, Pop Tarts or Nutty Bars?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42444points) June 24th, 2015

A friend said she babysat a couple of kids, and Mom was upset to learn she’d fed them Nutty Bars for breakfast, instead of Pop Tarts.

So, your thoughts? Yes, I know they are both bad breakfast foods, but lets put that aside.

Nutty Bar Nutrition Facts.

Pop Tart nutrition facts

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My answer is D U H !

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You have to put the obvious that they are both not real good for you aside and ANSWER THE QUESTION!

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Nutty Bars.

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Forget the nutrition, pop tarts taste like paste between two layers of cardboard.

Nutty Bars rock!

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It has to be Nutty Bars, Pop Tarts are pure evil masquerading as something edible. I bought some once as an experiment and tried heating them in a toaster. The interior sludge was like something that had leaked from a nuclear reactor. I had to remove the kids from the kitchen in case they got burned by the stuff.

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@osoraro even with the partially hydrogenated oil? I don’t see it in the pop tarts. If you only eat one pop tart the calories are lower and the carbs are roughly the same. More total fat in the nutty bars also. Nutty bars are nasty as hell anyway.

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Of course there is more fat…it’s from the peanut butter. Peanut butter is better for you than sugar. Also, with growing kids, calories really isn’t an issue, but nutrition is.

And what is wrong with partially hydrogenated oil? What is it exactly?

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It’s oil that has been chemically altered to stay solid at room temperature. The problem is it also clogs your arteries in a bad way. The peanut butter in nutty bars is not “peanut butter” which is actually good until the natural oil is removed and replaced with hydrogenated oil.

I’m going with pop tarts myself if I was given those as choices over starvation.

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BTW…my friend babysat at their house. They had the nutty bars, along with the pop tarts in their cabinet. I guess my friend was supposed to know that pop tarts are breakfast foods, and nutty bars aren’t. :/

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