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What is the symbolic meaning of a sun tattoo?

Asked by aneedleinthehayy (1198points) July 18th, 2008
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Hi aneedlyinthehayy, Welcome to the Collective. As a newcomer, you may find it helpful to review the Fluther Guidelines before posting additional questions.

One thing that is helpful is if you use the Details section of the Question to add information that gives Flutherers the context of your question and even, sometimes, why you are asking it. For example, “I am getting a tattoo and looking for one that has some symbolic meaning.”

In the case of this question, I am wondering why you did not just look up the Sun on the link that I gave you in the Octopus question. (It is there.) Is there some reason you are asking that is not obvious? Have you tried Googling it?

Again, welcome.

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While I understand where Marina is coming from, I must say that there are many, many questions asked on Fluther that could be answered by going to Google. Yet, rarely does any one of those questions get such a snippy remark. I wonder why it was saved for a newcomer. Frankly, I don’t think this question would be easily answered in Google. Maybe needle is looking for individual Flutherites interpretation of a sun tattoo. Whatever. I guess being in the multi thousands in lurve gives one some sort of all knowing power.

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the sun tattoo has the meaning of ‘Light and Knowledge’ and there’s more to it in the link below.

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@Sueanne Tremendous I did not mean that question to be “snippy.” I bent over backwards not to be snippy here. Apparently, snippy is in the eye of the beholder. As a matter of fact the question is easily answered by googling it, which I had done on the previous question this user asked and supplied a link, which also answered this question. That, in fact, was why I was asking the questioner to supply additional details.

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Your tattoos mean what you want them to mean. Some get a sun to symbolize happiness, or light, or knowledge, or nothing, they just happen to like suns. Don’t over think it. Get something that has meaning for you; something you won’t look back upon years later and ask yourself, “why?”

Most importantly, find a good artist. Give your tattooist a basic idea of what you want, then let them make it art.

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