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Why do you enjoy debating strangers on the internet?

Asked by nutallergy (958points) June 24th, 2015

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I pretty much avoid “debating” anyone here. I’ve tried it and it never ends well. Instead I say what I know. Sometimes there’s a discussion that arises out of that, but it’s hardly a debate. I normally don’t end up convincing anyone here of anything, but sometimes I am able to help someone who wants the help. I do enjoy the give and take.

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I don’t. I enjoy interactive discussion but not hardcore “debate.” I like rousing engagement but not being beaten over the head by egos the size of Texas. haha

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Same as why I debate with people in real life. Just to persuade them or put my point across.

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I enjoy debate in general. My circle of friends is limited, the circle of friends who enjoy debating even more so. Also, many of the topics jellies discuss would not usually come up in my group. Fluther influences my real-life discussions, however, and these, in turn, often spark new questions.

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Not really.

Most people on the Internet don’t appear to know what a Logical Fallicy is, and the ones who do think that everything is a Logical Fallacy.

Most internet debates deteriorate pretty quickly into a dog chasing its tail, or name calling.

They are , however, really fun to watch.

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It makes me feel really smart. (lol) But, all kidding aside, debating on the internet is a bit like arguing with a mad man. You aren’t going to get anywhere and it is a shame on anyone with their true wits. I’ll get into it now an then, but only for the sport of it. There isn’t an winner or a loser and most parties are likely to appear the latter of the two.

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I am an idea junky. I like to hear different theories and opinions. I also like to have my ideas challenged so I can think them through more thoroughly and either come up with counter-arguments or be forced to modify my position. It is definitely not about trying to win.

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It is generally more fun, because you do not have to hold back your intensity in fear of hurting their feelings, and you know that they will not hold back either.

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I don’t. I prefer to state my opinion—labelled ONLY as an opinion—and leave the thread. I then go back and read any comments about what I wrote, but I rarely re-engage. Some may think that’s wimpy, but I just think debating in cyberspace is a waste of time. It’s hard enough to do it face to face.

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What @LostInParadise said. I’m not a big debater, but reading responses from a person with a position counter to mine allows me to challenge my own position.

Like playing tennis or chess, I improve my own game faster when I’m playing a worthy opponent.

Reading debate topics has never changed my position from one side to another, but on one topic I was fence sitting on, a good debate here provided the info and rationale I needed to choose a position.

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Because I am a troll.

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I know I will never change the idiots mind so I say what I have to say and bounce.

Hi Josie.

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I don’t, that shit is for the birds.
What I will do though is defend my corner from silly bastards who feel the need to attack.
Shut the fuck up, you’re way outta ya depth.

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I like being made to think. A good debate makes one use that grey matter. Sadly, good debate is hard to find as most people just cling to whatever talking point they heard in their “news” media of choice and think that just repeating it and/or insulting you makes their position stronger.

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Thanks everyone

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I think it’s fun. Sometimes trying to explain something to someone who disagrees with me helps me better understand exactly why I believe something. It’s easy to grab some opinion, but it’s not always so easy to back that opinion up.

True, I’ve never gotten anyone to change their opinions, but I’ve changed mine before. But not because the other person made a great compelling argument. Usually, it’s because someone’s said something, I tried to refute it and couldn’t think of anything on top of my head. Then I dug around and did some research—and it turns out they had much more valid points than I did.

I don’t really argue to change someone’s opinion though. That’s pointless. The best I can hope for is that even someone who totally disagrees with me will maybe somewhat agree that anyone who disagrees with him is an uninformed yob who just picked that opinion because it simply lined up with their political party, religion or whatever. Or they think that you didn’t take their opinion because you never gave the issue any serious thought. I don’t want someone to change their mind more than to say “Oh, yeah I can see why you’d think that was true… maybe…”

I have a lot of my dad in me, who I recently mentioned in another question, He LOVES to pick everything apart into tiny bits and over-analyze every single aspect of his life. He rarely simply has an opinion of something, like he prefers apples over plums. He’s got several pages and hours worth of reasons to explain exactly why the apple is the best choice, the history of how this came to be the best choice, the science of why this is the best choice, the political ramifications of this being the best choice, and why you need to THINK about why you prefer an apple instead of just accepting it… He hasn’t actually done that one, but I wouldn’t be shocked or surprised if he did.

Sometimes I re-read something that I wrote to someone and I think “OMFG, I am my dad.” And then I feel kind of sorry for the poor guy who simply asked some question about cheese.

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@keobooks Any chance your dad’s an engineer?

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System’s analyst, probably not too different personality wise.

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Because it’s more intellectually stimulating than playing tjbm.

Yes, it tends to be a fruitless endeavor..but maybe there doesn’t always have to be fruit. Have a salad once in a while.

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@Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One . . . I’m missing your point here. Oftentimes a salad can be nothing but fruit.

please refer to the above post

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I don’t think you missed the point at all.

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~ I like being a master debater .~ Actually I don’t like debating. I rarely answer questions directed to me.

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