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Have you seen Pixar's new movie "Inside Out"?

Asked by rockfan (12008points) June 24th, 2015

Or planning on seeing it? Just saw it tonight and absolutely loved it. Although the story itself is a little standard (a protagonist goes on a quest), the interesting premise is handled brilliantly in my opinion, Pixar wrings out (in a good way) every possible joke and idea of characters personifying emotions. Plus, the humor is genuinely clever and the story is really heartfelt. Your thoughts?

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I just saw it tonight too! I thought it was so funny and so cute, I loved it!

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I liked it a lot and others that I know say they liked it too. It was a movie that both adults and children can enjoy.

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Nah. My next movie to see at the cinema will be “The Martian.”
Maybe the next James Bond film “Spectre”, depending on RLM’s review.

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@ragingloli Ridley Scott hasn’t made a great movie in twelve years in my opinion, so I really hope The Martian delivers

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Yes I have.

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I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to watch it with my (new, adopted) niece. She went through a lot of trauma and has some emotional problems and I think it would be a really good movie for her to watch with the family. Especially because she’s been refusing to talk about what she went through in therapy for years. I figure any positive and subtle reinforcement she can get about her emotions can only be a good thing.

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