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Ideas for holiday photo a day?

Asked by Stinley (11486points) June 25th, 2015

I have been inspired by this old question and thought I could get my daughters to take a photo a day while off school for the summer. I was thinking that I could give them a list of ideas, one for each day and they have to take a picture based on the idea. Can you help me come up with some ideas?

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The idea of having your daughters capture holiday memories via photos has merit. There are a couple of factors that should be considered first: Do they want to participate? If so, would either prefer to document it through a journal instead? Would one of them prefer to put together a scrapbook, either physical or digital, at the end of the trip? It can include tickets, brochures, etc. as well as captions describing each item. Offering ideas and letting them choose may develop creativity as well as individuality.

If they aren’t interested, then maybe you are the one who should do it. I wish my parents had done a better job of keeping records of my youth (as the youngest of four) as well as they did with their first two children.

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Daily family photo? Daily photos of each other? Of your garden? Or both – everyone standing in your garden.

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Take a picture of them eating something yummy every day. Ice cream, pizza, Chinese takeout, popcorn, cotton candy etc.

A picture in front of some place scenic, with a lovely background. The beach, the lake, people at a concert, the mall with people and stores in the background. Make the picture very obvious as to where they are.

Pictures of the accouterments of their activities: sports gear, setting up to cook breakfast, camping or slumber party stuff, presents they are taking to a party.

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Same time of day photo(s), background being where you’re at, and include the vehicle (and windshield) you’re driving, along with all passengers. Write details of pics in a notebook.

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I just understood this question…finally. I thought you were looking for one idea to repeat every day, in different variations. You’re looking for different ideas! That’s much more fun -and easier, too.

Probably already done now, I guess? Which prompts did you end up choosing?

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It’s good to come up with themes. Take photos of people wearing red hats. Men working. Couples with dogs. Then over their holiday, they can perhaps create a montage of similarly themed photos to put together in a display. I don’t know where you’re going but if it was Hawaii, perhaps you could have ‘people in Hawaiian shirts’. Or ‘people with leis’. In Australia, you might have ‘most colourful board shorts’ or ‘most surfie looking’.

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I have a group of close friends, and one of them moved away last year. We set up a WhatsApp group and started posting photos of ourselves, so we would still “see” each other. About once a day, for a while. We did photos

…doing something we love
...doing something we hate
...with a favourite person
...with a favourite inanimate thing
...doing something dangerous
...eating something healthy
...with something vital missing, and the others had to guess what that might be
...doing something we’ve never done before
...treating ourselves to something
...with something which reminds us of last summer
...looking grumpy
...taking care of a basic need
...covered in something
...with something scary
...with a penguin

There’s more, but I need to go.

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Thanks for all the ideas. Both girls are excited by the idea and are looking for a scrapbook or photo album to display their work.

Here’s what I came up with:
A bird
A blue flower
A blue sky
a breakfast
A cat
a dinner
A dog
a family
a favourite thing
A fire
a grumpy thing
a Hawaiian shirt
a healthy food
A lake
a loaf of Bread
a lunch
A map
A multi-coloured object
a penguin
A pyramid shaped object
A red cup
A red flower
a red hat
A rowing boat
A sailing boat
A sparkly object
A star shaped object
A stranger
A thing that is older than 100 years
A tiled surface
A toilet that is not yours
A tool
A tree
A waterfall
A windmill
an ice cream
An insect
An object made of black iron
An old car
Frosted glass

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Very cool. I play a similar game with my cousin sometimes – she’s seven. I challenge her to take a picture of five things which are blue, or contain a B, or might be good presents for a horse. We’ve played that game for up to two hours. Kids love challenges. Sounds like you’ll have a couple of creative scrapbooks!

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