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Do you think the humor in Seinfeld is funny?

Asked by rockfan (11996points) June 25th, 2015

Just watched a few episodes with my friends who have never seen it, and they were stone faced the entire time, while I was laughing non-stop, even though I’ve seen every episode about 30 or 40 times. But I can definitely understand why someone might not like Seinfeld. What about you?

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No, I don’t. I’ve hated it with a passion ever since I first encountered it and will go on hating it until I’m dead. The older I got, I started wondering if it was just a cultural thing since I’m from the West coast, but I don’t think that’s it. I’ll just always think that every character was a mean, selfish jerk. Which I guess is why some people think it is funny, but meh.

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@DrasticDreamer Yeah the characters definitely got meaner and more selfish as the series went on, especially Elaine. And the series finale was a huge disappointment

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It had it’s funny moments ,but for the most part I could pass on it.

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I don’t care for it, but I recognize it is somewhat exemplary in its humor. There’s a great documentary on Netflix streaming called “When Jews Were Funny” and it includes Seinfeld in its examination of 1st and 2nd generation Jewish immigrants in 20th century American comedy. One could say that the humor in Seinfeld is easily drawn from that tradition. It’s a darker humor, though, like gallows humor might be, because the root of it is pain and oppression. Another comic (not related to Seinfeld) lamented that there’s a schism between this kind of humor and “goyish” sensibilities. She was a little distressed and disappointed that some groups of people didn’t find humor in things she thought were hilarious.

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@kevbo I’m a fan of a lot of dark humor and I still didn’t think it was funny.

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I’ve never understood the appeal.

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I loved it from day one.

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I thought it was funny. And I agree with the above post about the Jewish humor element. You never really know where that is coming from. But it inspired a question which I just asked.

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Wow, I thought there were only about four of us on the planet who weren’t absolute devotes of Seinfeld. I didn’t actively dislike it, because I never got invested enough. I watched an episode or two, didn’t care for it, and stopped.

I have been very surprised by the number of people who have become angry with me and verbally abusive because I have a different taste in television. Very odd.

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The different personalities interacting is interesting. The connectedness, i.e. how one action affects another, is often humorous when all played out. The pettiness was painful, but there were a few instances where I could relate to it. Lesson learned. The constant self-centeredness was enough to keep me from watching it each week. I finally got around to watching the final episode. It was sheer disappointment.

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One of my favorite shows of all time. To me, still hilarious.

But that’s just me.

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Quite funny. Curb is great, too. They both make me squirm sometimes, but the discomfort is worth it. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is worth checking out if you enjoy this sort of humor.

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I think it’s one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. There are so many phrases that are now in the American lexicon that came from that show. I can still watch it in re-runs and think it’s funny.

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Why is Seinfeld funny? Because—as Elaine tells George in the final episode when he asks why she thinks his talking to them while kneeling backwards in his airline seat is effeminate—“IT JUST IS.”

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I found it amusing but not “haha” funny. Not laugh out loud funny, to me. I know Seinfeld has a lot of ardent fans who talk about the story lines and repeat the actors’ lines. I wasn’t that big of a fan but there were some memorable lines – (“sponge-worthy”). I enjoyed it but wasn’t a huge fan of it.

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@jca Ha ha ha : P I just used that line, sponge worthy last night.

I shan’t repeat the details

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I didn’t think much of it when it was playing in prime time. It was the rerun phase that sucked me in. Some of those episodes are riotously funny and out and out classics. Those Seinfeld episodes put more words and phrases into the popular lexicon than any tv show I can remember. Soup Nazi, Festivus, pig man.

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I think its hilarious, I’ve seen every episode a million times and it doesn’t get old. I like the humor because it is day to day little shit that doesn’t matter and yeah I can see where it is obnoxious and ridiculous a lot but I love the characters and how relatable it is. It is a cult thing almost in my opinion.

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