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For a light-hearted bit of amusement, which looks better on a petite, slender or athletic woman, yoga pants or leggings, or are they interchangeable?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) June 25th, 2015

You see women come from the gym, you see them stop by the coffee house headed for the gym, some are not even going to the gym but they all seem to wear the same leg gear. Some are yoga pants, others are just leggings, and maybe they are interchangeable. On petite, athletic, or a slender woman which looks the best on them from an aesthetic point of view, leggings or yoga pants? Does color or pattern add anything in the positive? If it has a pattern such as zebra stripes, does that still make them yoga paints are just plain leggings?

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Both look good on fit, athletic and well-sculpted women. Neither item looks nice on chubby ladies. Yoga pants require that extra fit body. But then there are those who insist on wearing them when tracksuit pants would be a better choice.

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Yoga pants require that extra fit body.
Do tell, different cut, material, or length?

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Different cut, ultra tight, they accentuate the butt more, so I guess the person wearing it would not want to look like this :

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Good thing I wasn’t eating….I guess when you can’t get a belt large enough, you try to make Spandex your best friend.

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I honestly can’t tell the difference between yoga pants and leggings.

A petite, athletic woman is going to look hot even if she wore overalls to me.

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^ A petite, athletic woman is going to look hot even if she wore overalls to me.
That is true, a slender, toned or athletic woman can make sack clothe look appealing. I can’t tell the difference less most yoga pants (that said they were yoga pants) were dark colors, in solid, or white. They did not have print or patterns like leopard, tiger, or zebra stripes or other graphics on them, though I could be wrong.

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