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How many different passwords do you use?

Asked by longgone (17090points) June 28th, 2015

I must have about 20, and I often find myself having to try out a number of different ones. I plan to downsize, but am procrastinating at the moment.

What about you?

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I have at least that many. I do not duplicate passwords. If one get compromised I do not want to give access to other accounts.

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Many—and shame on me, too many the same. I did change a few recently, and now that you’ve reminded me, @longgone—and thanks for that—I’ll do more today.

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Many. It can be quite a pain.

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I have lots. But I know only two or three.

I keep all of them in an encrypted file with KeePass and copy them out of there when needed. It’s great to have everything in one place.

Also I use Dropbox so the same updated file is available on all my computers and on my phone.

I also use the Keepass file for things like utility account numbers, drivers license number, insurance account numbers – anything that’s handy to know but I would never remember.

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About four active ones now. They come in and go out in a rotation. The oldest one is almost obsolete while the newest one only exists in a few new places I signed up for.

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I have 3 main ones, but 1 that takes over the others (because it has capital letters, numbers, and lowercase). I’ve been gradually replacing other passwords with this one. However, some sites require longer ones, which is a pain…

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Every site gets a different one.

I use the Terminal in OS X to generate them and they look similar to this.


I would never be able to remember that so I have a file on my computer called .PASSWORDS that is a simple txt file that stores them all. When I need one (which is rare) I just copy and paste from that file.

I also have it stored in a few different places in the event my computer dies. My mom has a copy but she doesn’t know exactly what the gibberish is since the site the password is for is kinda embedded in the password. To her it is just a messy block of text she stores for me.

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I have about 25 written down in a book at my desk.

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I use a program to generate and store passwords. I don’t use it for any of my banking/finance/work accounts/stuff but anything I do for anything else.

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About 5, for 5 different accounts. But sadly each password is just another one with a little change. I’m not that good at remembering passwords.

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Thanks, everyone. I have finally started tossing out a few of the ancient ones.

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i use the same password for most of the social media sites im with ecept for facebook and my main email account.

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