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Are you a fan of Pixar?

Asked by rockfan (12823points) June 28th, 2015

I asked an earlier question if anyone saw Inside Out, I thought it was marvelous. Of the Pixar movies you’ve seen, what do you rate them out of ten?

Toy Story 2 – 10/10
Toy Story 3 – 9.5/10
Ratatouille – 9/10
The Incredibles – 9/10
Finding Nemo – 9/10
Inside Out – 9/10
Wall-E – 8.5/10
Up – 8/10
Toy Story – 8/10
Monsters, Inc – 7.5/10
A Bug’s Life – 7/10
Cars – 6/10
Monsters University – 6/10
Brave – 5/10
Cars 2 – Haven’t had the willpower to sit through this one. It’ll most likely leave me bitter and disappointed.

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Toy Story – 9/10
Toy Story 2 – 9/10
Toy Story 3 – 7/10
The Incredibles – 6/10
Finding Nemo – 9/10
Monsters, Inc – 9/10
Up – 8.5/10

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@Mimishu1995 You accidentally used a 6 instead of a 9 ;)

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I’ve only seen Finding Nemo (10) and Inside Out (9). My daughter has probably seen others I’ve not seen.

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For the most part yes. I didn’t like the Incredibles. I found it boring, but I loved the others except for Inside Out, which I haven’t seen, but it doesn’t look like one I want to see either. I don’t want ugly emotions being anthropomorphised into cartoon form. I have enough unpleasant emotions to deal with in real life, I don’t want to see them in a cute kid’s movie.

You forgot Planes. I laughed myself silly during that movie.

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Planes is not a Pixar film. It is a Disney film. All (or most) Pixar films are Disney, but not all Disney are Pixar.

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I like it fine. Ratatouille was kinda boring though. It starts off great, but then it just drags on and on. Most of the movie takes place in one kitchen, and I appreciate the story and characters, but there’s something missing here…

Brave, I really loved though, that was awesome.

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Toy Story – 10/10

^^^^ 2 – 9/10

^^^^ 3 – 10/10

Finding Nemo – 10/10

The Incredibles – 9/10

Cars – 10/10

^^^^ 2 – 8/10

Wall-E – 10/10

Ratatouille – 7/10

Up – 9/10

Monster’s Inc – 4/10

^^^^ University – 4/10

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@filmfann My bad, thanks for the info about Planes.

@Symbeline I loved Ratatouille, but then again, it’s me, so you’d probably expect that. An animated film about food : P I thought the food critic dude was a hoot.

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@Kardamom I also loved his character arc in the film, I’m really glad he wasn’t just a one note villain

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