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What type of warranty should I get for my ipod touch?

Asked by Indy318 (1012points) July 18th, 2008 from iPhone

I purchased the iPod touch about 3 months ago but didnt buy a warranty from the store. I am having second thoughts and was wonder the types of warranty I could, the costs, and their benefits. Should I get one at all?

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I thought there was only one type of warranty for the iPod Touch? But I would say get it only because every time I buy something and don’t buy a warranty sure enough it breaks right when I needed it most.

Thank you for not calling it an iTouch.

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well, the first thing that pops into my mind and i’m not able to answer in your question…what kind of warranty do they offer? i didn’t get an invite for fluther’s psychic beta yet

the warranty my store offers includes theft, accidents and damage caused by 3rd, for an ipod it’s only 55 bucks for 3 years , a steal if you ask me

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well I have a 1 year limited warranty that came with it but as you say something bad is bound to happen to it. I was wondering if there is any additional ones I could get because the year one is limited and doesnt cover most common accidents like cracks and scratches.

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Apple’s limited warranty is indeed pretty limited, it does not cover customer abuse or water damage, but let me rephrase this one then, do you personally know of any optional warranty (it would be coming of Apple) being offered in the states ? does anyone else know ? will you even be able to get the warranty ? (since the machine is already 3 months old)

let’s wait for answers

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You only get 1 manufacturer’s warranty, which comes as standard, runs for 12 months and covers the hardware in case of failure/defect (not accidental/physcial damage).
In addition, you can go for the APP which is a coverage agreement, again covering the hardware in case of failure/defect (not accidental/physcial damage).

You can also opt to have your iPod covered on your house content insurance, which would cover it in case of damage and/or loss.

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I think you’re confusing warranty and insurance. The iPod touch comes with a one year standard warranty, which covers faults. This can be extended to three years if you purchase an AppleCare protection plan. If you’re wanting to cover damage, you’ll need to purchase insurance for the device, which Apple do not offer themselves, so you should speak to a broker.

As wildflower suggests, adding your iPod to your home contents cover is probably the easiest option.

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a written guarantee, issued to the purchaser of an article by its manufacturer, promising to repair or replace it if necessary within a specified period of time [...] esp. the seller’s promise that the thing being sold is as promised or represented. (as in, working without fault)

a practice or arrangement by which a company [...] provides a guarantee of compensation for [...] damage

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