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How do I transfer professional quality videos to clients?

Asked by Blobman (516points) June 30th, 2015

As a professional videographer, I have recently been struggling with technology, a resource usually on my side, to send a client video files. The client asked for the raw footage, so no compression. These are mp4’s from a GoPro ranging in size from 200Mb to 4.21Gb, and mov’s from a Canon 70d up to just over 2Gb. Google Drive would not let him download all the files, saying that the files were too large to compress for download. was unreliable, failing to upload one of the 55 files and therefore sending none of them. The last resort is to send flash memory or a hard drive in the mail. Avoiding snail-mail, what’s the best way to do this?

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Maybe I am pretty sure they allow files that large if you use one of their paid plans.

I rent a 30 dollar a month server from Hetzner that has a 6TB drive in it. You could just install apache on that and call it a day. However that requires some knowledge of Linux to get working and to make it secure.

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Mega is OK.

There are US alternatives with good security as well.


There are some very high security file share utilities made specifically for lawyers that you might want to look into as well. (

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@elbanditoroso Thanks for the quick responses! But just so you know, YouSendIt is Hightail now. The company underwent a name and UI change to compete with other file sharing services.

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@Blobman – didn’t realize that. At work we use Sharefile

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Yeah. Thanks for that. I actually just signed up for a free trial. Should take care of this problem if it is free of quirks and glitches like the ones that plague Hightail.

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As a customer I would prefer snail mail. I’d gladly wait a day or two for a DVD or SD card to arrive for the increased (illusion) confidence of privacy.

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