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Can You Help Me With My Class Representative election speech?

Asked by Sara25 (139points) July 2nd, 2015

I am standing up for Class Representative elections. Please help me out with some influential speech and quotes.

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Approximately how old are you? What class? Are we talking a college cooking class, dance class, high school? I could not possibly help you without better/more information.

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I am 15 years old. I study in 10th grade. Possibly you could help me with a speech where I see humour, effectiveness and inspiring quotes.

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It would be best if you wrote something and then asked if someone wants to critique it. You might write about why you want to be class representative and what you will do if elected. Keep it short and punchy.

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You are running for a position in which you will lead others. As @janbb says, you should write why you are best suited for this job, then ask someone to help you to improve your writing.

It is never a good idea to use someone else’s words as a starting point. This will always sound fake and forced, and could get you in trouble for plagiarism. Always begin with what you want to say, from your own thoughts, then work on improving it. If you find you have nothing to say for yourself, you might ask yourself why you want this position in the first place.

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Don’t allow these naive idealists to deflect you from your original path. Wielders of power should never bother with crafting their own speeches. That’s what minions and underlings are for.

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What will you pay me to have you declared class dictator?

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@stanleybmanly i lost the elections. :( :’(
I wanted a couple of votes more to win :(

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I’m disappointed. Notify us sooner for the next one, and show us your early draft. 2 votes out of how many?

Just remember, when it comes to successful politics it is apparently never too early to stifle idealism.

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No @stanleybmanly
I got 26 votes and the winner got 28 votes so I couldn’t win because of two votes :(
Out of 54

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