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Who wants to take up crocheting with me?

Asked by Stinley (11505points) July 2nd, 2015

Look at these adorable jellyfish. We should all totally take up crocheting. Who’s with me??

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ME! But I don’t know how to make them…

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I have, literally, about 26 gallons of crochet thread in the trunk of my car, if you need a source. Assorted colors and gauge(?).

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@Mimishu1995 me neither. But we can learn surely? Can’t be that hard. We should have a Fluther competition! Best jelly wins. I’m judging.

@ibstubro I wish I could have some but I think the postage to where I live and to where @Mimishu1995 lives might make you regret your offer! You will just have to make some yourself

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Oh, that was a ‘Swing on by and pick some out’ offer, @Stinley.
I’m the only authorized raw material supplier.

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@Stinley Maybe. I neex some time to search the internet first :)

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My wife is heavily into crochet. I’ve tried to do it and it turns out that it’s easy to do, but a bit harder to master. I’m not sure how she does it.

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Crochet thread is measured in gallons (usually liquid weight measure) rather than ounces, pounds, or spools ?

Who knew? Do you have any idea why?

And doesn’t all that weight in the trunk of your car kill your gas mileage efficiency ?

Pardon the inquisitiveness , but the info you posted about it just intrigues me for some odd reason :)

And what motivated your desire to acquire the rights as sole authorized raw material supplier for crochet thread since I’m assuming you are not a crocheter yourself ?

You are just a fount of fascination for me on this particular subject. I never would have guessed it.

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I was hunting crochet thread for a couple of friends that make their own string tags. The thrift store had 2 13 gallon trashbags full for $5 a bag, so I bought them. Unfortunately, the friends have all they need, but the original price tags on the spools are, like, $22 each. I’m hunting a market and if we’re going to have a crochet-off, I want to be the raw material supplier. I’ll cut yall a deal.


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There is also this; the two bedspreads took me a year to crochet…easy but tedious.

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I’ve seen those before, @gailcalled, and they are certainly something to be proud of.

Hey, an Indigo Bunting is nesting 12 foot from my patio doors again.

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@gailcalled they are great. They look very professional. I was imagining something like this before I clicked on your link. You can definitely join in the crochet-off, but only if you pass on top tips to us noobs

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Crocheting is crocheting. I used a very small hook (#0) and very fine string, is all.

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I’m no longer the supplier of choice.
Of the $10 in string I bought, I sold $30 and the rest is at the mall priced $70.

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