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Why does Batman sound like he has 18 testicles?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) July 19th, 2008

What’s with the low voice? I also remind moderators that a testicle is an anatomical feature.

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an anatomical feature that has nothing to to do with the larynx…

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He Disguises his voice so people can’t tell that the Batman is Bruce Wayne when they actually talk to Bruce. Like when he talks to Harvey Dent (As the Batman) he can’t tell its Bruce.

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All the “weirdos” talk in strange voices. It gives them more personality I guess.I never liked Christian Bale as Batman, but he did a pretty good job in this one. I liked it even with the super disguised, deep voice.

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He actually talks with a really high pitched voice because his costume is chafing him. He has a voice changer thing (technical term) to make it sound deep so he doesn’t loose any manliness points.

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I <3 Christian Bale.

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Manly, but I like it too. (As they used to say in the Irish Spring commercial)

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is reference made to a voice changer in his suit in the first one?

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It was a joke…

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It’s actually a tradition. Joey is on target with this one, as well as Randy. When the comic book heroes transitioned to radio, it had to be visualized totally by voice. The hero couldn’t be seen in his or her super suit, so they had to convey the disguise somehow.

For a great example of this, Listen to one or more of these.

The actor portraying Clark Kent/Superman falsettos his voice while being Clark and lowers it while playing Superman.

FYI: you can download these and many others on iTunes for free. Great when your eyes are tired or for long car or airplane trips. For iTunes put in the search term Botar in the store, or for more, OTR or Old Time Radio.

You also have the good guy/bad guy factor in there as well, often portrayed by voice being lower and higher.

and pete, perhaps it doesn’t, but doesn’t getting kicked in the family jewels alter ones voice a tad? I think blue was taking a bit of illustrative liberty there to emphasize a point

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Personally, I define a joke as something that makes me laugh, or at least smile. As Foghorn Leghorn used to squawk, after saying something unfunny,
”“That’s a joke… I say, that’s a joke, son.”

Jokes should sneak up on you and not wear name tags.

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I don’t know. I think I read somewhere in some movie magazine that Christian Bale only had twelve.

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Oh, Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. I was wondering where you were. Only you would read and remember something like that ;0 is that why he walks so funny?

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@Chuck: why aren’t you slogging around Boston in 90 degree heat, seeing all the sights?

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gail- I am lucky enough to fly out of Sacramento International Airport at 11:00pm this evening, and get to change planes in Chicago in the middle of the night. It’s going to be a looong night.
Actually, it’ll be a short one as I’ll be losing 3 hours.

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I also think it was a product of the suit. If
you look at the mask, his noise has no holes to breath threw. Its solid plastic under there.

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in an interview with Bale he said the 1st suite was really tight and he wasnt trying to talk that way but the suite was really thight and thats why in dark night they had to write in him wanting his suite changed but then he had to make his voice that way cuz he had done ot all through the 1st bat man

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aisyria- I don’t mean to be too much of a smart ass but do you know what a period is?
And no, not the female kind.

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…and if I counted correctly, AC, that may be a fluther record. 64 words in a run-on sentence.

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How suite it is.

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ya not a big fan of periods but ive gone through 6 years of pre ap or AP english so i have learned to mange

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really scary if ^^ is evidence of manging.

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Mange is a bad disease. I’d get that checked out by a doctor.


He’s got balls. Unlike a lot of other superheroes.

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