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Chillicothe, Ohio, all those missing and or deceased women connected, or no?

Asked by Here2_4 (7142points) July 4th, 2015

Women drug addicted, their children left with no mothers. What is going on in Ohio? There are those who believe at least six may be connected. Is it just coincidence? The women associated with each other, so some think their fates are related.
Does anyone here have any theories?

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Not enough facts to formulate a reasonable theory

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Do you mean you want links, or that there just isn’t enough info anywhere??

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I read about that.

It certainly seems like there should be a connection – serial killer or whatever – but I gather they haven’t found evidence at all.

The bizarre thing to me is location. Chiilicothe is a tiny little town. Really not much there but a couple of traffic lights. I would expect mass killings in a big city; not some podunk little place.

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Here‘is an article that gives some details about what Flo is talking about. I think they could all be connected, but it seems just as likely that they were drug related, especially in light of the increasing drug epidemic in the area. Either way it is an incredibly creepy coincidence.

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Impossible to say but a serial killer seems likely. There have been many serial murderers that have preyed exclusively on street women, prostitutes etc. The Green River killer was one. Many of these types of killers have conflicting issues about women, soliciting prostitutes then killing them because they are an unsavory element. Street women make good victims because often nobody reports them missing for long stretches of time if at all.

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I agree with @josie. Not enough information has been released yet.

@Coloma I have to disagree with you. While a serial killer should be considered, so far it seems unlikely. Most serial killers practice a modus operandi (MO). The only patterns so far are that they are all women from the Chillicothe area, missing within a short period of time and all were drug addicts.

Of the six, four have been discovered dead. One was ruled as an overdose. One was shot three times. The third was found wrapped in a sheet and duct tape. The fourth is still in the process of an autopsy with no information currently released.

Of the nineteen females recently reported missing, one was found wandering around in a parking lot, disoriented. Another was located out of state.

It’s a situation worthy of speculation, but at this point, no assumptions should be made.

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@Pied_Pfeffer As I said, impossible to say just mere speculation, agreed.

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My first thought was a group of wives seeking revenge against known prostitutes. A group would make things less likely to fit together. The more I see on it though, the events seem less suspicious knowing they were all heroin addicted. With such a lifestyle, many rough things tend to take place.

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