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Americans: what did you do this 4th of July 2015?

Asked by JLeslie (65082points) July 4th, 2015 from iPhone

I stayed in my neighborhood and my neighbors set of fireworks. I have always been a big believer that fireworks should only be set of by municipalities with fire fighters nearby.

The fireworks were pretty good actually. Between all the neighbors it was almost $1,000 worth of fireworks (I didn’t chip in, 3 or 4 of the neighbors had each bought a couple of hundred worth of fireworks) and they all got together and set them off. Two fires were accidentally started, but they quickly controlled one and actually let it burn a while to use it to help light fireworks from what I understand, and the other fire they put out quickly. A couple of the guys got small burbs, not sure how.

Um, yeah, I’m more sure than ever municipalities should set them off. Still, it was a very nice display and people were out eating and drinking. Basically, a big block party.

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We went to a friends’ party. There was a bounce house and lots of kids. We had to leave early to pick up our daughter from the airport and it turns out she was not feeling well so we went home, she went to bed and we watched a documentary.

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I did laundry and watched tv and went grocery shopping. We did sort of celebrate at dinner and had hotdogs and soda pop.

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We had my wife’s mom and brother over for a barbecue. Burgers, sausage, chicken, corn on the cob, and potato salad. Pretty typical.

In the afternoon, my brother-in law had to go to work (limo driver) and my daughter and I took a nap. So did the dog.

Last night, we watched some local fireworks — which were pretty good.

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The kids ran around the neighborhood enjoying fireworks. Then they came home and we barbecued.

Later on we made smores with the coals.

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Boston: Watched fireworks over the Charles River

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Ran in the annual Fourth of July Five Mile Fun Run. Went to the pancake breakfast afterwards. Dropped my kids off at the community gathering in the next town over so they could hear bands, get some barbecue, dance. I went to a friend’s ice cream social before the fireworks.

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Celebrated my wife’s birthday. Every year I try to convince her that the whole country is celebrating her birthday, but once again, she’s not buying it!

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My daughter’s birthday is December 11th. For the first 6 years she thought people put up lights for her birthday.

Her son’s birthday is July 4th. That evening, after he was born, coming back to the town we had moved to just two weeks earlier, which is a small farming town, nothing like the city we came from, we topped a hill and saw the all fireworks from about 10 different small towns, all around us. I was still wrapped in the magic of a new baby, and that sight just… was magical. I’ll never forget it.

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I wanted to go see the orchestra play at the Esplanade, but it was a mob scene. So I just walked around.

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